Saturday, August 28, 2004


watching, waiting for mi querido...
todo para la obra..
eyes straining, back cramping.
inertia creeping.. massive attack playing..
wanting to end this pain but my messiah held my hand away from the dagger.

need a little loving, maybe not today
deja vu feels like being here before.
before my real time.. but im wanting more.
i am tearing up.. fatigue quivers my muscles to flaccid senility.

crave for mi querido..
still waiting but not seeing what is coming..
dreaming.. thinking would this end?
monotony quite exciting.. perversion increasing morality..
dream on...

longing for some loving...
my heart fills with paranoia..
regretting but not repenting...
fear landslides on my world...

apprehending what is coming..
hostility shakes my girlhood...

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