Saturday, January 29, 2005


and if my darling i fail
to prolong my losing war
how would our offsprings survive
with death not seeming far

i cry at night and pray
to ressurect my body so precious
i've lived in wariness ever since
i witnessed the winning Lucius

and i felt their heart fill with greed
my lungs fogging up with smoke
i am dying now
losing all hope

but God never abondoned me
only i have given up
the people burning me
their greed just won't stop

and now i ask thee
would you help me please?
i know you don't see it now
but you'll miss me if i cease to exist

i ask now my children,
please help heal my sickness
your children will need me too
i am nature driven to nothingness

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yo querido doble nos trampos de celceda... por que iro mi gara no des postures, celyado de estado seguridad.

sy senorita, yo caro sentimenal...

pero suplemenda yo mensajes.