Friday, April 1, 2011

Bump and Burn

Bought this exercise video today. Was really disappointed with it! the steps weren’t all that complicated that, I think, even a ditz like me could follow IF the camera din’t feel the need to swerve pan and shoot at angles every so often!

The [cinematography] or the camera angles whatever it’s called, seriously sucks.

There are more close up shots than full body shots. And the camera keeps moving about instead of just keep steady so that the “exerciser” can follow.

I kept getting lost when it came time for the advance moves. If maybe I knew the dance terms I could’ve followed, like what the hell is a criss cross leg? I just made it up along the way and kept jumping around a lot. It didn’t look all that complicated but they surely don’t expect us to memorize eveything???!

It looked like something a first year film student would create. Full of camera angles and all those complicated shots just to show their prof they are adept at manning a camera.

sheesh… will try another dance video to see if its better.. Latin dance this time. I did break a sweat though, sweating like pig now. whoo! but I won’t give it much credit since I did a lot of jumping around and random kicks and punches when I was not able to follow.

[ Posted Tue, 29 Mar 2011 04:08:11 ]

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