Friday, April 1, 2011

End of the World

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hmm.. Im not exclusively a Christian but I want to impose this on the idiots who believe they KNOW when the so-called “End of the world” is…

1 Thessalonians 5:2

For you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.

1 Thessalonians 5:4

But you, brothers and sisters, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief.

Now I’m not usually so preachy preachy but it really irked me that time when the nuclear plant thingy happened in Japan. It was all over the news that day. Now I didn’t pay mind as I’m usually very numb to these things, I was even laughing when Ondoy happened and when we were burglarized.. I was like.. oh well.. It could have been worst, anywho, my nephew who lived next door climbed in our window as he usually does looking all panic stricken and concerned;

“Tita mere a nuclear plant exploded in Japan and you need to stay inside until 4pm…. bla blah blah”

Now he mentioned that the boys (my dogs) need to stay inside as well and I needed to swab betadine on my neck and their necks. So I was like “say what?”

The betadine part sounded really ridiculous. He explained to me about the thyroid being affected first and that. My nephew is 11 years old, and you can see the genuine concern on his face. I thanked him for the info and then googled it since the info sounded shadey. Anway I found out it was a hoax, one of those text messages that are complete garbage… I mean I assumed it was since I couldn’t find it on CNN or BBC or NBC and even on the local news.

It just really got to me you know? I was hella annoyed that these people are spreading nasty panic inducing rumors that it would inspire concern even in an 11 year old. sucks so bad you know? and seeing all these End of the World status updates in Facebook. Fuckit I know people in JApan and its bad enough without these added shit information!

Dunno but it really got me!! argh!

I just wanna get in their faces of these morons, like Wow… you must really be very close with God. Are you in constant correspondence with him? text mate? are you friends on Facebook?

I picked a Christian doctrine although I have no religious affiliations because this End of the World attitude is usually Christian or Catholic since they believe so much in the second coming.

Now for those who know God, tell him to add me please. i have serious questions for him. You must be the most important person in the whole world that God chose to tell you of his super secret plans.

clap clap clap.

Oh by the way, the next time you speak to him, kindly tell him to revive my garden mums. They’re dying for some reason, I, a wannabe gardener, do not know.

Tell him, okay?


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