Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Importance of Punctuations

Randomly I just remembered this story about the proper use of punctuations. I'll alter the story and make it more dramatic since I can't fully remember how it goes. The ending will be the same though, that's the only part I can really remember... but the thought and moral will still be the same, so here goes....

There was a boy and a girl who were friends since they were toddlers. They became awfully close over the years; in fact, they became the best of friends. They had a very intimate affection for each other but they failed to realize that it was love. Or perhaps one knew what the feeling was but was scared of taking the chance and crossing the line between friendship and romance.

Years passed and the two graduated from school. The guy got a job overseas which he readily accepted. Girl and boy kept constant contact with each other through letters and phone calls. And through their written correspondence were they able to realize and confess how much they loved each other... 

but alas! too late! months or even years have passed and soon the girl's parents had her betrothed to someone else (must have been Chinese to have arranged marriage... hmm?)

The girl tearfully wrote the guy:

My parents have betrothed me to a man that I do not love... I do not want to marry him. It is only you that I can imagine growing old with. I want to know if you can defend my decision from the wrath of my parents, because I am intent to decline. Please let me know if I should wait for you or if you think that our love is only possible on paper. I need your reply as soon as possible.

The guy replied and hurriedly packed his bags and was on the next flight home. He was so keen to stop the marriage!

Oh but how terrible the fates are! He arrived too late! the girl and the new guy was already married!

"Why didn't you wait for me!" he cried.

Tearfully, the girl extracted the boy's letter from the folds of her skirt.

WTF! the eejit did not punctuate! SO there you go! always remember to punctuate your sentences correctly or you will lose someone you love!!

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