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RH Bill: how it got the whole nation talking about the joys and evils of SEX

The Reproductive Health Bill, popularly known as the RH Bill, is a Philippine bill aiming to guarantee universal access to methods and information on birth control and maternal care. The bill has become the center of a contentious national debate. There are presently two bills with the same goals: House Bill No. 96 or the Reproductive Health Act and Population and Development Act of 2010 introduced by Albay 1st district representative Edcel Lagman, and Senate Bill No. 2378 or the Reproductive Health Act introduced by Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

A few days ago, my friend Ato introduced me to a discussion in Facebook about the CBCP's (Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines) stand against the RH bill. He was really irked with this guy named Tony Operana who was all preachy preachy and acting all fucking holy like he's a Godsend prophet to cleanse the earth of sin. Well I must say the guy has conviction, but effing arrogant much thinking that his opinion alone is correct. What the Eff is he on? there is no such thing as a correct opinion, maybe an intelligent one I reckon. Its just really got to me that he was trying to force religion down everybody's throats. I'm not exclusively a Christian like I've mentioned in my previous post, but I do have a God, but above all, even without the cornerstone of an identified religion I believe in the ethical right to life.

Every sentient being has a right to their life. To have a right to their life, means that they decide whether they live or die. No other being can enforce a state that is different from the sentient being's choosing. To do so, is a violation of life.

So even if we take out the argument of Religion and what humans' presuppose God's opinion might be, there is still that Right to Life argument based on Human Ethics. By "life", I mean an embryo. I consider sperms and egg cells just cells... If they were considered "alive", then every masturbatory semen emission should be considered abortion. LOL for wankers! So I don't think stopping a sperm to meet the egg is abortion, nor is it abortion if the egg + sperm fails to implant on the uterine lining.

Anyway, It's just really annoying that the Church is acting like such a tyrant about all this. Isn't there a separation of Church and State? (Philippine Constitution Article II, Section 6)

It sucks that the Church is making it appear as if the Pro RH Bill people are evil and immoral among other stereotypes that they have put across. And they berate any member of the faith who do not share their views.

I just think that whatever anyone's stand on the matter is, people should respect them and not judge them calling them: ignorant, uninformed, old-fashioned, naive, immoral, evil, hypocrites etc.

They are entitled to their opinion as you are to yours so live and let live. What I want to share though,is my opinion. First, let me just say that I am pro-RH bill because... hmm.. there are many points. Let me just share my story, I ask you to listen and not judge me.. yet. Do it later but keep you opinions to yourself because on this matter I remain very close minded.

I'm living with my boyfriend, yes we are not married, and for the life of me I do not see anything wrong with it because we love each other; in our hearts and minds we are married, just not on paper... yet. 

We do plan to get married in maybe 5 years time after I get another degree in the states become a citizen and marry him there (yes we have the American dream). We can't get married now because it will make the process of getting a green card more complicated. We want to get married because it will be a way of professing our love to the world (much as we want to change this sort of thinking but it is inevitable that some people will not take your relationship seriously if you are not married), for legal purposes like equitable division of assets and of course for romantic reasons.... (--,) 

So anyway, here we are, living together. Let's try not to act all fucking pure here , okay guys? we do have sex and SEX IS AMAZING. 

Its great, right? 

it feels good plus it has all these other benefits for your health and emotional well-being. Tell me you don't enjoy it and ill bitch slap you. Oh wait, maybe your partner is lousy. LOL

We want to have kids... three at the most. But as much as possible, not now. I know this sounds horrible but we cannot afford to have a kid now, it will mess up our plans. Sorry about the choice of words, let me explain.

If we do have a kid, lest the contraceptive fails, for fuck's sake we are ABSOLUTELY NOT going to have it aborted that is just EVIL. contrary to what most anti-RH bill supporters think, those who use contraceptive are not EVIL,unconscientious MONSTERS.

If that happens, it means that God (sorry if I sound so preachy but this is my personal belief) has something else planned for us. (if it does happen hopefully it's a boy!)

Right now, since we like having sex and we are still on the process of acquiring assets (house, car, savings etc) and planning for our future, we are making the choice of using contraceptives instead of just blindly entrusting our future to prayers of "god please don't let me be pregnant" or else reproducing like Hamsters whilst not being able to provide adequately for our children. (and NO we are not going to stop having sex if that i what you are suggesting in your mind!)

And if you intend to judge me and tell me I'm a selfish person for enjoying sex but not being ready to face the ultimate purpose of intercourse which is reproduction, well let me end this by saying:

"Let he who is pure cast the first friggin stone"


To make an informed stand make sure you read both sides of the argument.  Google RH Bill and you'll get so many discussions on the topic.

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