Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Summer is Mating Season

A few weeks ago, I noticed that some of my plants were losing their leaves and flowers. I thought that they were probably falling off because of the heat but I could not find any wilted leaves anywhere. I took an up close look and it appeared as if the leaves and blooms were broken off.

I asked my brother (who happen to live just next door, yey! )for his opinion and he said that the the birds might be taking the leaves to build a nest. Makes sense, right? since it is mating season, I decided that the momma birds were welcome to take some leaves to build their home.

And what the eff! To my dismay, the birds took all the leaves of my red and green plants! (I don't know the name). So I was left with potted stems! stupid birds. 

I was in a dilemma... I felt like hating the birds for destroying my plants but still they were doing it for a good cause, right?

Again I asked my brother (I dunno why I ask him for plant advice since most of his plants are dead or already dying), 
"do you think my plants will live?"
"they'll die... they don't have any leaves left to make their food... they'll starve to death"

Well that was comforting! I was ready to uproot them and plant something else but I decided to give it a few days... maybe they'll recover. There were two teeny tiny leaves growing out.

Now that they no longer had any leaves to take (they didn't like the other leaves just the red ones) they took to the saw dust fertilizer that I have mixed with the soil instead. Thankfully they left the other plants alone, probably hated the smell of coffee grounds that I used as fertilizer.

You will notice the area where the birds "shoveled off" a big amount of saw dust.

I love birds and all but I hope they'll stop destroying my plants. If they really need to take some materials for their home they could do so, but at least take it in way that it's still distributed evenly not all in just one area!

On the bright side, (there's always a bright side) the leaves on my red/green plants have grown back. Hopefully the birds will leave them alone this time.



... And peck at the neighbors plants instead.


janet h said...

loving this post about... summer and plants and all that! :) i can't wait till summer..haha. anyways keep posting! i'll def keep reading your blog! :)

jocylfroot said...

omg somebody is reading my blog! hahaha i feel like Julie Powell (julie and julia) LOL thanks janet! you just made my day! :)