Friday, April 1, 2011

Super Curly Princess me-Digital Perm

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Finally! I'm got my long coveted digital perm.

I recently discovered Azta Salon Katipunan, through word of mouth (my friend Ato) and Facebook. They have very reasonable prices and I reckoned they were very accommodating and made each experience a personal one based on customers’ comments on their wall.

They offer digital perm for as low as php3000… plus with their current 15% off on weekdays promo, I scored my treatment at php2550. That's more than half off from the total rip off that is Toney and Jackey.

Just a little segue, I visited tony & Jackey a year ago and had my hair assessed. They had a sign that says ...3000 any length on Digital Perm“.

So I was there, and the Korean stylist was evaluating my hair,

...7000“ he quipped. And I was like, ...7000? Wtf it says 3000 on your sign“.

...Only 3000 for virgin hair, no rebond no color“

...My hair is virgin. I had it colored 4 years ago, and I'm pretty sure, since I don't see the bluish-black color of it has grown out since I've had several haircuts in the past 4 years… so technically the hair on my head now is virgin, right?“

...Your hair rebonded and brown“

...No its not, It's just straight and that's the real hair color, that's called muro-ami color!“

...7000“ he said ending the conversation

What the hell, anyway long story short. I didn't get it done there. Sucks to be implied to as a liar! Why would I lie about getting treatments on my hair??

Anyway, I got my digital perm at Azta which is a totally awesome salon. Edwin the assistant was the best really. Very courteous and he's just fierce. He and Cris (stylist) were great, always asking if I were okay and that. They both did a fabulous job. I haven't washed my hair yet so I don't know how it will turn out post shampoo, but I'll sure be updating this blog!

I've documented the whole process. Enjoy!

I showed them the picture of the hair I wanted.

Cris (stylist) and Edwin (his assistant) informed me that I'd have to get tighter curls first, since it will loosen after a while.

After shampoo, Cris layered my hair as he said it will emphasize the curls.

being blow-dried by Edwin

then sectioned.

After that, Edwin applied this solution to my hair… Cris said to have it on for 20 minutes. It ended up staying on my hair for 35 minutes since my hair was still “resistant” after 20mins

My hair was then rinsed and rolled into the barrels.

The little white cushion thingies were to protect the scalp from the heat. Its heavy! the barrels were then attached to the wires that would heat them up.

After about 10-20 minutes, I think, they removed one roller to see if my hair was curly yet. It was, so with the rollers on, another solution was applied. That pan thingy is obviously there for the solution to drip on.

Getting blow dried after the solution was rinsed off my hair. Notice the curly tendrils of hair that is now visible. Was really getting super excited at this point!

Edwin twirled my hair into sections and placed the heap of it in a wide mouth thingy hair dryer. Didn’t dry it all the way dry.

That’s Cris styling my bangs and putting on finishing touches.

Now that’s me when I got home and my hair was totally dry! love it!






now here’s the before and after pic!





This is the before and after pic. I like me better with curly hair! I look so put together but it actually didn’t take much time! just applied mousse and twirled it around my fingers so they’d all be together not all over the place. I’m so happy I got it done!


Yapo Nightroad said...

ahhh i love azta salon too ^^, nice hair!! :D

jocylfroot said...

Hi Yapo! I love it too! Azta rocks they really make you feel so valued.. beats going to more expensive salons that cant even remember your name even if you've been there every 3 months for the past three years. LOL

Roni Flores said...

wow! i think i'm going to have my hair digi-permed too!! :) thanks for your post! na-excite naman ako. :D

jocylfroot said...

@roni flores go magpadigiperm ka na. let's end the stick straight Asian hair stereotype. Curly na ngayon ang natural asian hair hehe btw i love your blog :)

zin said...

love your blog! how much did you pay for the digi perm in azta? :)

jocylfroot said...

Hi Zin, thanks! It was 2550 since it was 15% off during that time. My curls are almost gone but see it lasted a long time even though I didnt bother taking care of it as was instructed ;)

Roch said...

Your hair looks great! I'm also thinking of having my hair digi-permed. My question is, how long usually will the curls last?

jocylfroot said...

It lasted for more than 6 months. Maybe close to 8 months but i think it would have lasted longer if I took better care of the curls. I didn't bother to twirl them around my fingers after a bath and often Combe them out-- force of habit since I've had straight hair since forever. After 8 months my hair was still a bit wavy and it still curled easily enough when I used a curling iron, easier to style than my pre-digi permed hair.