Friday, April 1, 2011

The Truth about Facebook

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It’s cute how some people religiously update their status to how exactly they are feeling, such as “I have a headcahe”, “I’m about to go to bed” and even “I have gastritis”

It is in a way amusing, but also disturbing, to see so many people share so much of things that are actually very personal, such as urinary tract infections.

What can be more amusing are people sharing or broadcasting to their social network of friends spats with lovers, ex-lovers or siblings and even frenemies.

I’m not a psychologist and not even close to being one, but I think that these people just want acceptance. Or maybe they just want attention, not in a “kulang sa pansin” way, I don’t mean is as negative, mind you.

There are just these people who can be unhappy in their lives, or maybe they think that they are not getting the attention or affection they deserve, sometimes they just want their voices heard, sometimes they just want to be understood or just somebody to talk to and emphathize with them; and what best way to find sympathy and an ear to bend than an impersonal form of communication?

It can be frustrating for some people who are in the receiving end of the lashes and really infuriating for those involved in the other side of the story but refuse to resort to bad mouthing and trash talking.

To us, who can be guilty of such social networking behaviour, or to us who can be victims of such social networking bahaviour; just always remember to live and let live, and know in your heart and mind that only those who are actually involved in the situation know the truth, not the bestfriend, not the partner, the sister or the cousin. If we are not directly involved and are not immediately part of it, then understand that we can give opinions and comments, but we have no right to ostracize and take sides.

Happy New Year to All! Let us start the year right and make peace with others and with ourselves!

(original note created January 6, 2011)

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