Monday, June 20, 2011

Money for Food

I was watching Jule and Julia for the Nth time today and for the nth time, I can't help but identify with both the characters. I am in a phase right now where I am so lost and I've been starting to question my purpose in life. Yes I am young, by Filipino standards. I am, after all, only 23. I actually started living independently earlier than most Filipinos, I moved out at 21, right after college graduation, that's something I kinda pride myself in. But now, I'm lost. Like in Julie and Julia, I don't want to waste my twenties and start living the life I love at 30... I want to be an adult now and feel like I'm actually doing something worthwhile.

I quit my job working at a call center even though I was really good at it and it looked to be a promising career. It just wasn't for me, I wasn't happy. I hate the environment and deemed the people too materialistic and there is just too much politics going on it was seriously negating my creativity. So i quit my job and decided to pursue my passion and become a writer, an artist of words. I cannot deny that I love doing this way more than taking calls from crappy customers or teaching defensive agents proper soft skills, but ever since I started writing for money, the excitement has sort of sapped out. Maybe I'm just too romantic for this era and this economy.

Now speaking of money, even though I really hate thinking about it, I really can't help it. I want to travel the world, and unless I land myself a job like Andrew Zimmern's or Anthony Bourdain's I can't do it without money. It really sucks having to think about the bills and stupid stuff like that. But unless I start making more money soon I won't be able to travel the world or worry about other things other than money for food. Won't it be nice to worry about things that really matter like doing something more to save the environment and the animals or ending world hunger?

I need to get out of the Philippines, I have no future here career-wise or financially. i want to live in Aussie or any English speaking first world country that will give me the opportunities that I don't have here. I love my country, I do, but it's just a dead end.

If I can't find means to get myself a US or Aussie working Visa I might just go ahead and bite the dust and be a CSR in Singapore, i can still continue freelancing so that'll keep my sanity. *sigh*

 Will any body help me get out of here?

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