Sunday, June 5, 2011

Reasons to stop smoking

This was before... I've gone cold turkey now. How did I manage it? Well being lazy has its health benefits.

Want a smoke - no fags in the house. Need to go out. Can't be bothered.
Got fags - no lighter. Have to find one. Can't be bothered.
Have a lighter - can't smoke inside the house. Need to go out. Can't be bothered.
About to light a smoke outside the house - Have to brush my teeth after. Too much effort. Can't be bothered.
Don't mind brushing teeth after a smoke - still have that nasty bitter sweet smell on my fingers. Have to wash several times. can't be bothered.
Don't mind getting the smell off my fingers -  Smoke will still linger on clothes and remind me of boys from bars, yuck. Have to take a shower. Ugh. Can't be bothered.

Well there you go. Plus there's a SIN tax now so cigarettes cost heaps more. I'm thinking of computing how much I saved since I stopped smoking more than 6 months ago... but ugh. Too lazy. Can't be bothered.

Having coffee without ciggies. Yay!

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