Friday, January 13, 2012

Do mice revenge?

It's my first entry of the year and it's about animal cruelty. Or not.

Yesterday (or last night I suppose) I saw a mouse enter through the gap between the screen and the window. I wasn't even aware that damned window was open... So anyway, I saw the mouse walking along the curtain rods trying to decide where to go. But if for a minute it thought it can simply move in without getting any trouble it was much mistaken.

Now I love animals to the death, but pests are just different. Rodents are really pet peeves of mine. Of course I love furry little bunnies and hamsters and guinea pigs just as much as any pet lover but house mice are different. And when these pests come into my home uninvited it really gets me all worked up and I won't stop until I KILL IT. Okay crucify me now PETA but I have no tender spot for these gnawing, turd leaving, foul smelling, bacteria and virus infested little critters. I have DOGS!! mice can bite my dogs, or my dogs can lick their shit or urine and get sick. I hate house mice with a vengeance.

I spent the whole work day chasing after the damned mouse. I even played Blondie's One Way or Another on repeat to get in the mood for it. First, I dusted the window sill with Racumin, the kind that causes internal bleeding when ingested.

I cornered the little thing like more than three times. The first time, the mousey was all the way under the desk I was scared of moving the desk for fear it'll jump 18inches into the air and bite me with its flat, rabies infected teeth (google says its highly unlikely that domestic mice have rabies but I wasn't taking any chances!) so I poured all purpose cleaner on it through the gap. The thing was drenched to the bone so I thought it'll die right away but instead it scurried away and I seriously felt like Tom getting outwitted and outran heaps of time by foul little Jerry, it was frustrating!!!

I was able to pour all purpose cleaner on it one more time but the thing just won't die!!!! Several times I was able to wallop it with the mop (I don't know if I hit it though) and once I got it pinned to the corner of the room with the mop head. But since the mop is all soft, and mice can flatten their bodies and escape these really tight situations,  it squeaked something horrible and ran away to where I dunno. It was a good three hours before I gave up the chase.

Didn't get to work any coz when I didn't catch it I got scared it'd run under the desk and bite my feet. It says somewhere online that mice rarely bite for no reason but I expect it'll want revenge on the cruel, inhumane human who walloped it with a mop, poured cleaner on it, baited it with poison, etc..

So I sat in the semi-dark, flashlight and mop at the ready... just waiting for it to come out. It's now morning and I haven't seen tail nor hair of it. Expect it already escaped... urgh. I hope its not somewhere inside the house. I'd hate to find a dead mouse stinking up my closet. YUCK!

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