Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Let's all do our part

Let us all do our part.. Since I have started SERIOUSLY segregating our garbage (as in I go berserk and go through the trash when someone bins something in the wrong container) we have reduced our non-biodegradable waste to 1 large garbage bag a month.

Please help save the environment. Don't take this as some tree-hugging hippie bullshit. It's not. Our earth is the only one we have. 

Little things can do so much if we all help out. Segregating the garbage, not littering, using a glass when brushing teeth (instead of keeping the tap running --reduced water bill by 20% unbelievable!), conserve electricity and don't use motorized transportation for short travels (will save you money too). There are a million other ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Let us all educate ourselves and be part of the movement.

So many of us are so busy worrying about the next life and the next world. What about this world?  what about this life? 

Don't think it blasphemy that I say that. If you are so worried about what your God (whoever it is for you), won't you think your God will be happy that your taking care of his creation? 

Working hard to be rich? How will you enjoy your riches when there will no longer be nice places (such as beaches and other tourist spots) or when the air becomes so foul or the weather so erratic and extreme?

"just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there" 

(photo grabbed from Yasmin Grogan)

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