Monday, November 11, 2013

Climate Change - How to Help the Victims of Typhoon Hayan

A lot of people would laugh at me for my obsession with environmental preservation. I seriously get all irate and crazy when I see people doing seemingly petty things like litter, waste water, refuse to segregate the trash or refuse to walk or bike even short distances and opt to go all lazy and take public transport or take their car. These are small things that add up!! Let me see you laugh now, insensitive jerks! Climate change will continue to fuck our country over and over again with super typhoons.

If you really want to help the victims of Typhoon Hayan, don't stop at making donations or volunteering every time there is a calamity, start by changing your lifestyle and doing your part as a steward of this earth.

Sorry, not sorry for the rant. Global warming and climate change is as real as the sky is blue. it's not a laughing matter. it's not a joke. it's not a trend that comes and goes. it's real, it's happening now. Let us all do our part to reduce carbon emissions by making smart choices and caring for our only home.

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