Thursday, July 21, 2005

my tea cup!

Would you like to sit on my thinking cup?
the handle is glued on...
i'll hold it up for you too see
examine the scrapes that sculps it
into the imperfect cup that it is.
yet it holds so much tea,
sloshed in milk and sugar,
though it taste no different from the others...
it is unique for you can bathe
relax and ponder your thoughts
as you sit on it.
swim laps if you must
float on your back if you desire
i'll even allow you to drink the tea i poured in it.
one thing i ask you though,
give me back my cup
scrapes and all
but much less whole.

Friday, July 15, 2005

necessary evil

five past a quarter before twilight
as the clocks are to strike the hours
a quivering bag dances in the breeze
such obvious playfulness begging me to watch

the whistling of the groaning oak branches
the weeping of the vines
provides an electricity in the air
static too loud to be heard
brightness to clear to be seen

taking in all the visuals
hearing all the sounds
pondering every single blink of the sun
i choose to realize in my moment of reverie
the suffering i am choosing to endure
the shit i allow myself to be buried in

this revelation wakes me up from my dream
sobers my intoxicated soul
and makes me appreciate
this pain that makes me whole

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

You are found out

Throw caution to the winds
hold on to your staff
The ground beneath our feet
Are breaking up fast

The dreams you have fathomed
They'll start to fade soon
Reality will strip you naked
Bring you closer to your doom

Now the world would see your scars
Hide your living carcass in the shade
Be wary of her judgement
The gods don't surpress thair rage


A drop of rain
Dripped on my head today
It felt like a warning
For me not to play

A knock on my bedroom
beckoned me out
I clung to my pillows
Tried to stifle my shouts

Your eyes they are
The devil's burning stare
Your hands they lead me
To a place i know not where

A wind blows into the window
I left open for you
My doors are locked
Inside, furnitures knocked askew

Your presence comes in to fix it
I admit I have nothing to pay
No money or love to reward you
Still I'm wishing you'll stay