Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Importance of Punctuations

Randomly I just remembered this story about the proper use of punctuations. I'll alter the story and make it more dramatic since I can't fully remember how it goes. The ending will be the same though, that's the only part I can really remember... but the thought and moral will still be the same, so here goes....

There was a boy and a girl who were friends since they were toddlers. They became awfully close over the years; in fact, they became the best of friends. They had a very intimate affection for each other but they failed to realize that it was love. Or perhaps one knew what the feeling was but was scared of taking the chance and crossing the line between friendship and romance.

Years passed and the two graduated from school. The guy got a job overseas which he readily accepted. Girl and boy kept constant contact with each other through letters and phone calls. And through their written correspondence were they able to realize and confess how much they loved each other... 

but alas! too late! months or even years have passed and soon the girl's parents had her betrothed to someone else (must have been Chinese to have arranged marriage... hmm?)

The girl tearfully wrote the guy:

My parents have betrothed me to a man that I do not love... I do not want to marry him. It is only you that I can imagine growing old with. I want to know if you can defend my decision from the wrath of my parents, because I am intent to decline. Please let me know if I should wait for you or if you think that our love is only possible on paper. I need your reply as soon as possible.

The guy replied and hurriedly packed his bags and was on the next flight home. He was so keen to stop the marriage!

Oh but how terrible the fates are! He arrived too late! the girl and the new guy was already married!

"Why didn't you wait for me!" he cried.

Tearfully, the girl extracted the boy's letter from the folds of her skirt.

WTF! the eejit did not punctuate! SO there you go! always remember to punctuate your sentences correctly or you will lose someone you love!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gyaru and Ulzzang made me realize how the Philippines is still a colony

Today I was browsing through the online shops in Facebook looking for floral dresses and romantically bohemian inspired looks. I wrote for an Aussie Fashion Blog ( from January up till the runway seasons of New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, etc so I became extra aware of the Fashion trends.

Now, my boss, she sent me all these magazines to grab photos from. Like Vogue, Elle, Tatler, Marie Claire, Cosmo etc. I was tasked to write something about D&G going retro and I fell head over heels inlove with D&G's SS 2011 Campaign. Tell me you don't think these are gorgeous!? If this doesn't scream SPRING-SUMMER i dunno what does.

Trends for SS have always been frisky, fun and full of color but this year, the florals are just so much more funner-est (notice the redundancy for emphasis!)

So anywhoooots... there I was browsing and browsing looking for clothes that were similar to these trends from the D&G S/S 2011 Campaign when I came across some dresses which were just so uber pretty.

 And I thought that they'd look really good on me (ehem! narcissism...) since I just got my hair permed... (--,)

I saw somewhere that this was called "Gyaru"...

I googled "Gyaru Fashion" and this is what I found out. Gyaru literally means gal and there are different types of Gyaru, like:

Ganguro: fake tan and bleached hair. I couldn't imagine myself in this look its cute but super costume-y
Hime-Gyaru: princess-y fashion with lots of princess blonde hair, and frills, pleats, ruffles, lace and chiffon on clothes. I think this one has the best fashion among all Gyarus.
Then there's the normal Gyaru like the cute-sy one on the left which basically any girl could pull off. There are other kinds but these are the most prominent types.

I kinda got confused with Korean Ulzzang, Ulzzang literally means "best-face" and thought they kinda looked the same... there are differences and a Gyaru will be affronted to be called an Ulzzang and vice versa. For the life of me I cannot tell much of the difference except maybe that Ulzzangs don't really go all out on the Barbie look.. check this post to see for yourself. But anyhow, I reckon both looks are aimed to appear Doll-like.

So then I came to a conclusion that Korean and Japs have a love-hate relationship being that Japan colonized Korea a while back and ravished their land and their ladies as they did the Philippines. Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia:

In 1910 Japan effectively annexed Korea by the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty. While the legality of the treaty is still asserted by Japan, it is generally not accepted in Korea because it was not signed by the Emperor of Korea as required and violated international convention on external pressures regarding treaties...
 ...After the annexation, Japan set out to repress all Korean tradition and culture, develop and implement reforms for their benefit. European-styled transport and communication networks were established across the nation in order to extract the resources and labor of the Korean people; these networks were almost all destroyed later during the Korean War. The banking system was consolidated and the Korean currency abolished. The Japanese removed the Joseon hierarchy, destroyed the palace of Gyeongbokgung and replaced it with office buildings.
 But, even though the Japanese soldiers then (emphasis on then because I'm not referring to present Japanese) shat and crapped on their country, their practices and culture now are so infused with Japanese that they kinda love them too. That is why Gyaru and Ulzzang is so similar because I think that Ulzzang is kind of a spin off of the Gyaru fashion.

Gyaru started in the 80s and Ulzzang came into fashion later, like around 2000 I guess. It is even said that Ulzzang follows the Himegyaru style. So as not to say "copied" and risk offending die-hard Ullzzangs, I'll settle for the word "patterned. fuck it still means copied. LOL.

So in a way, Koreans, maybe subconsciously is still trying to "turna japanisa" even though many of them hate being confused with the race. (Isn't it annoying for non-East Asians to confuse specific races?)

It will be kind of hard to understand if you don't live in a country that have been colonized "crappily" before. But since I'm from the Philippines I can totally relate to the love-hate relationship. We were colonized by the Spaniards for 300 years and then the Americans, and we've got a lot of Chinese here.. 

Now even though Filipinos have been so dead proud of their race lately many still cannot help highlighting their Spanish or Chinese descent, even if its only like 1/100 left on their blood. Like if they have a last name such as Zaragoza or Vergel de Dios they'd be like "My grandparents were Spanish", or if they're chinky eyed or have last names like "Lim", "Sy" or whatever they'd immediately identify themselves to be close of kin to well-known Chinoy business tycoons or politicians or just say that their some parts Chinese. 

And if your from the Philos, for sure you'd have met these people I am referring to, the pseudo half-Chinese, Half-Spanish, half-Filipino... huh? so that makes you One and a half? What the fuck? You're FILIPINO. No need to break down your blood line. It's really annoying... colonial mentality sucks.

And it all started with floral dresses.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

RH Bill: how it got the whole nation talking about the joys and evils of SEX

The Reproductive Health Bill, popularly known as the RH Bill, is a Philippine bill aiming to guarantee universal access to methods and information on birth control and maternal care. The bill has become the center of a contentious national debate. There are presently two bills with the same goals: House Bill No. 96 or the Reproductive Health Act and Population and Development Act of 2010 introduced by Albay 1st district representative Edcel Lagman, and Senate Bill No. 2378 or the Reproductive Health Act introduced by Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

A few days ago, my friend Ato introduced me to a discussion in Facebook about the CBCP's (Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines) stand against the RH bill. He was really irked with this guy named Tony Operana who was all preachy preachy and acting all fucking holy like he's a Godsend prophet to cleanse the earth of sin. Well I must say the guy has conviction, but effing arrogant much thinking that his opinion alone is correct. What the Eff is he on? there is no such thing as a correct opinion, maybe an intelligent one I reckon. Its just really got to me that he was trying to force religion down everybody's throats. I'm not exclusively a Christian like I've mentioned in my previous post, but I do have a God, but above all, even without the cornerstone of an identified religion I believe in the ethical right to life.

Every sentient being has a right to their life. To have a right to their life, means that they decide whether they live or die. No other being can enforce a state that is different from the sentient being's choosing. To do so, is a violation of life.

So even if we take out the argument of Religion and what humans' presuppose God's opinion might be, there is still that Right to Life argument based on Human Ethics. By "life", I mean an embryo. I consider sperms and egg cells just cells... If they were considered "alive", then every masturbatory semen emission should be considered abortion. LOL for wankers! So I don't think stopping a sperm to meet the egg is abortion, nor is it abortion if the egg + sperm fails to implant on the uterine lining.

Anyway, It's just really annoying that the Church is acting like such a tyrant about all this. Isn't there a separation of Church and State? (Philippine Constitution Article II, Section 6)

It sucks that the Church is making it appear as if the Pro RH Bill people are evil and immoral among other stereotypes that they have put across. And they berate any member of the faith who do not share their views.

I just think that whatever anyone's stand on the matter is, people should respect them and not judge them calling them: ignorant, uninformed, old-fashioned, naive, immoral, evil, hypocrites etc.

They are entitled to their opinion as you are to yours so live and let live. What I want to share though,is my opinion. First, let me just say that I am pro-RH bill because... hmm.. there are many points. Let me just share my story, I ask you to listen and not judge me.. yet. Do it later but keep you opinions to yourself because on this matter I remain very close minded.

I'm living with my boyfriend, yes we are not married, and for the life of me I do not see anything wrong with it because we love each other; in our hearts and minds we are married, just not on paper... yet. 

We do plan to get married in maybe 5 years time after I get another degree in the states become a citizen and marry him there (yes we have the American dream). We can't get married now because it will make the process of getting a green card more complicated. We want to get married because it will be a way of professing our love to the world (much as we want to change this sort of thinking but it is inevitable that some people will not take your relationship seriously if you are not married), for legal purposes like equitable division of assets and of course for romantic reasons.... (--,) 

So anyway, here we are, living together. Let's try not to act all fucking pure here , okay guys? we do have sex and SEX IS AMAZING. 

Its great, right? 

it feels good plus it has all these other benefits for your health and emotional well-being. Tell me you don't enjoy it and ill bitch slap you. Oh wait, maybe your partner is lousy. LOL

We want to have kids... three at the most. But as much as possible, not now. I know this sounds horrible but we cannot afford to have a kid now, it will mess up our plans. Sorry about the choice of words, let me explain.

If we do have a kid, lest the contraceptive fails, for fuck's sake we are ABSOLUTELY NOT going to have it aborted that is just EVIL. contrary to what most anti-RH bill supporters think, those who use contraceptive are not EVIL,unconscientious MONSTERS.

If that happens, it means that God (sorry if I sound so preachy but this is my personal belief) has something else planned for us. (if it does happen hopefully it's a boy!)

Right now, since we like having sex and we are still on the process of acquiring assets (house, car, savings etc) and planning for our future, we are making the choice of using contraceptives instead of just blindly entrusting our future to prayers of "god please don't let me be pregnant" or else reproducing like Hamsters whilst not being able to provide adequately for our children. (and NO we are not going to stop having sex if that i what you are suggesting in your mind!)

And if you intend to judge me and tell me I'm a selfish person for enjoying sex but not being ready to face the ultimate purpose of intercourse which is reproduction, well let me end this by saying:

"Let he who is pure cast the first friggin stone"


To make an informed stand make sure you read both sides of the argument.  Google RH Bill and you'll get so many discussions on the topic.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Summer is Mating Season

A few weeks ago, I noticed that some of my plants were losing their leaves and flowers. I thought that they were probably falling off because of the heat but I could not find any wilted leaves anywhere. I took an up close look and it appeared as if the leaves and blooms were broken off.

I asked my brother (who happen to live just next door, yey! )for his opinion and he said that the the birds might be taking the leaves to build a nest. Makes sense, right? since it is mating season, I decided that the momma birds were welcome to take some leaves to build their home.

And what the eff! To my dismay, the birds took all the leaves of my red and green plants! (I don't know the name). So I was left with potted stems! stupid birds. 

I was in a dilemma... I felt like hating the birds for destroying my plants but still they were doing it for a good cause, right?

Again I asked my brother (I dunno why I ask him for plant advice since most of his plants are dead or already dying), 
"do you think my plants will live?"
"they'll die... they don't have any leaves left to make their food... they'll starve to death"

Well that was comforting! I was ready to uproot them and plant something else but I decided to give it a few days... maybe they'll recover. There were two teeny tiny leaves growing out.

Now that they no longer had any leaves to take (they didn't like the other leaves just the red ones) they took to the saw dust fertilizer that I have mixed with the soil instead. Thankfully they left the other plants alone, probably hated the smell of coffee grounds that I used as fertilizer.

You will notice the area where the birds "shoveled off" a big amount of saw dust.

I love birds and all but I hope they'll stop destroying my plants. If they really need to take some materials for their home they could do so, but at least take it in way that it's still distributed evenly not all in just one area!

On the bright side, (there's always a bright side) the leaves on my red/green plants have grown back. Hopefully the birds will leave them alone this time.



... And peck at the neighbors plants instead.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Took this photo last week I think… :)

Totally unintentional.. just opened the container and I said to my partner: “oh Neni look! It’s pisces dalagang bukid hehe”

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Into The Wild

Finished reading this book today. Teared up towards the end when Chris was dying, and when his mum and dad visited the area where he died. He was so brave… I remember a quote from a character from one of my favorite books, “To kill a mockingbird” Atticus Finch said to Jem when he was telling him of how Mrs. Dubose died:

“Courage is not a man with a gun in his hand. It’s knowing you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do.”

I’m not going to tell you what the book is about since you can google that information. Just a brief peek though, this is the true story of Chris McCandless’s final and fatal journey into the Alaskan Wilderness.

The book won’t be one of my favorites though. The writing was mediocre, it’s just that the subject is interesting.Though I do admire the writer’s effort to patch all the scattered information, I hated the part where he inserted bits of his stories, like duh, I couldn’t care less… I was just interested in Chris’s story: how he died and that. He is a big curiosity to me. at first I was awed by his boldness, then annoyed at his insensitive nature but finally I was deeply moved when he demonstrated courage like how Atticus Finch described.

Here are some of the things he wrote when he was already knocking on death’s door:

“SOS, I need your help. I am injured, near death and too weak to hike out of here. I am all alone, this is no joke. In the name of god, please remain to save me. I am out collecting berries closeby and shall return this evening. Thank you, Chris McCandless. (august?)”

The people who discovered Chris’s corpse found this note outside Fairbanks Bus 142; the note explained why there was a highly offensive smell coming from inside the bus.

“Day 100! Made it! But in weakest condition of life. Death looms as serious threat. Too weak to walk out. Have literally become trapped in the wild. -No Game.”

Jubilantly noted on August 5, mere days before his death. This was written before the plea for help.

...I have had a happy life and thank the Lord. Goodbye and may God bless all!“

Chris’s final note scribbled on a blank page of Louis L’Amour’s memoir. With his final note, he took a photograph of himself; skeletal thin but obviously very happy, serene and at peace. Not a note of self pity or sadness… one hand holding his final note, the other hand raised in a beatific farewell.

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Filipino Style Shepherds Pie

Cooked shepherds pie for the first time today. Just woke up craving for some cheesy mashed potato and juicy fire grilled burger. No luck with the buns though, so it being 5am in the morning, I decided to try my luck at shepherds pie instead of waiting for the grocery to open.

Proud to say I made it from scratch; just whatever I found in the fridge… thankfully I had most of the ingredients.. I think. Not really sure how its cooked and I couldn’t be bothered to look it up online, but hey, it taste just like Filipino giniling (sauteed ground meat in diced veggies) topped with mashed potato and perhaps some cheese, wasn’t really sure about the cheese part. Anyway, here’s my recipe:

Meat part:

  • 1/4 ground pork (didn’t have beef)
  • 1 large red onion
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • tablespoon of soy sauce
  • Black pepper, garlic powder, thyme for seasoning (I don’t measure, just go with you instinct)
  • butter
  • mixed veggies about a 3/4 cup or half cup (the prepacked kind bought in the grocery, it’s got corn, peas and carrots)

Mashed Potato:

  • 3 medium sized potatoes
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Onion springs for garnish
  • quick melt cheese
  • cheddar cheese
  • butter
  • evaporated milk


  1. Peel and cut the potatoes then boil. Add salt to taste. just keep checking to see if its soft enough to mash.
  2. Once potatoes are good and “mashable”, remove from fire and mash. Add evaporated milk (or fresh milk or cream whatever suits your fancy) and some butter. Add some salt and pepper to taste then set aside.
  3. While boiling the potatoes, thaw the meat and chop the onion and garlic cloves.
  4. Melt some butter in a pan and sautee the onion and garlic until soft or onion is translucent.
  5. Add the meat. when it turns a bit grayish add the soy sauce and just a bit of water. Set the fire on its lowest and allow the meat to simmer until fully cooked or when most of the water has evaporated.
  6. Add the vegetables last so its not all wilted and soggy.
  7. While doing all this make sure you are already preheating your oven to 170 degrees Celsius.
  8. Now your meat and potatoes are cooked.
  9. put the meat in an oven safe bowl (like a Pyrex bowl or something). you can place it in individual bowls so its ready to serve.
  10. Cover fully with mashed potato. Make little designs on the mashed potato with your fork to make it look pretty.
  11. Grate some quick melt cheese over it, then on top of the quick melt cheese grate some cheddar cheese so you get that nice burnt cheese taste.
  12. Place in oven until the cheese browns on top.

What I did was, I baked it for about 5 minutes and got impatient since the cheese still isn’t brown and I was hungry, so I switched the grill on instead so the heat is coming from the top and directly heating the cheese. Garnish with the chopped spring onions.

Bon Apetite!

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Bump and Burn

Bought this exercise video today. Was really disappointed with it! the steps weren’t all that complicated that, I think, even a ditz like me could follow IF the camera din’t feel the need to swerve pan and shoot at angles every so often!

The [cinematography] or the camera angles whatever it’s called, seriously sucks.

There are more close up shots than full body shots. And the camera keeps moving about instead of just keep steady so that the “exerciser” can follow.

I kept getting lost when it came time for the advance moves. If maybe I knew the dance terms I could’ve followed, like what the hell is a criss cross leg? I just made it up along the way and kept jumping around a lot. It didn’t look all that complicated but they surely don’t expect us to memorize eveything???!

It looked like something a first year film student would create. Full of camera angles and all those complicated shots just to show their prof they are adept at manning a camera.

sheesh… will try another dance video to see if its better.. Latin dance this time. I did break a sweat though, sweating like pig now. whoo! but I won’t give it much credit since I did a lot of jumping around and random kicks and punches when I was not able to follow.

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Super Curly Princess me-Digital Perm

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Finally! I'm got my long coveted digital perm.

I recently discovered Azta Salon Katipunan, through word of mouth (my friend Ato) and Facebook. They have very reasonable prices and I reckoned they were very accommodating and made each experience a personal one based on customers’ comments on their wall.

They offer digital perm for as low as php3000… plus with their current 15% off on weekdays promo, I scored my treatment at php2550. That's more than half off from the total rip off that is Toney and Jackey.

Just a little segue, I visited tony & Jackey a year ago and had my hair assessed. They had a sign that says ...3000 any length on Digital Perm“.

So I was there, and the Korean stylist was evaluating my hair,

...7000“ he quipped. And I was like, ...7000? Wtf it says 3000 on your sign“.

...Only 3000 for virgin hair, no rebond no color“

...My hair is virgin. I had it colored 4 years ago, and I'm pretty sure, since I don't see the bluish-black color of it has grown out since I've had several haircuts in the past 4 years… so technically the hair on my head now is virgin, right?“

...Your hair rebonded and brown“

...No its not, It's just straight and that's the real hair color, that's called muro-ami color!“

...7000“ he said ending the conversation

What the hell, anyway long story short. I didn't get it done there. Sucks to be implied to as a liar! Why would I lie about getting treatments on my hair??

Anyway, I got my digital perm at Azta which is a totally awesome salon. Edwin the assistant was the best really. Very courteous and he's just fierce. He and Cris (stylist) were great, always asking if I were okay and that. They both did a fabulous job. I haven't washed my hair yet so I don't know how it will turn out post shampoo, but I'll sure be updating this blog!

I've documented the whole process. Enjoy!

I showed them the picture of the hair I wanted.

Cris (stylist) and Edwin (his assistant) informed me that I'd have to get tighter curls first, since it will loosen after a while.

After shampoo, Cris layered my hair as he said it will emphasize the curls.

being blow-dried by Edwin

then sectioned.

After that, Edwin applied this solution to my hair… Cris said to have it on for 20 minutes. It ended up staying on my hair for 35 minutes since my hair was still “resistant” after 20mins

My hair was then rinsed and rolled into the barrels.

The little white cushion thingies were to protect the scalp from the heat. Its heavy! the barrels were then attached to the wires that would heat them up.

After about 10-20 minutes, I think, they removed one roller to see if my hair was curly yet. It was, so with the rollers on, another solution was applied. That pan thingy is obviously there for the solution to drip on.

Getting blow dried after the solution was rinsed off my hair. Notice the curly tendrils of hair that is now visible. Was really getting super excited at this point!

Edwin twirled my hair into sections and placed the heap of it in a wide mouth thingy hair dryer. Didn’t dry it all the way dry.

That’s Cris styling my bangs and putting on finishing touches.

Now that’s me when I got home and my hair was totally dry! love it!






now here’s the before and after pic!





This is the before and after pic. I like me better with curly hair! I look so put together but it actually didn’t take much time! just applied mousse and twirled it around my fingers so they’d all be together not all over the place. I’m so happy I got it done!

my take on my birthday

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Those who regret age are only those whose mind and heart remains juvenile… a person who embraces time, embraces the knowledge and experience the years bring; she who does not fear the years, will forever be youthful but always wiser.

(original note posted March 1, 2011)

End of the World

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hmm.. Im not exclusively a Christian but I want to impose this on the idiots who believe they KNOW when the so-called “End of the world” is…

1 Thessalonians 5:2

For you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.

1 Thessalonians 5:4

But you, brothers and sisters, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief.

Now I’m not usually so preachy preachy but it really irked me that time when the nuclear plant thingy happened in Japan. It was all over the news that day. Now I didn’t pay mind as I’m usually very numb to these things, I was even laughing when Ondoy happened and when we were burglarized.. I was like.. oh well.. It could have been worst, anywho, my nephew who lived next door climbed in our window as he usually does looking all panic stricken and concerned;

“Tita mere a nuclear plant exploded in Japan and you need to stay inside until 4pm…. bla blah blah”

Now he mentioned that the boys (my dogs) need to stay inside as well and I needed to swab betadine on my neck and their necks. So I was like “say what?”

The betadine part sounded really ridiculous. He explained to me about the thyroid being affected first and that. My nephew is 11 years old, and you can see the genuine concern on his face. I thanked him for the info and then googled it since the info sounded shadey. Anway I found out it was a hoax, one of those text messages that are complete garbage… I mean I assumed it was since I couldn’t find it on CNN or BBC or NBC and even on the local news.

It just really got to me you know? I was hella annoyed that these people are spreading nasty panic inducing rumors that it would inspire concern even in an 11 year old. sucks so bad you know? and seeing all these End of the World status updates in Facebook. Fuckit I know people in JApan and its bad enough without these added shit information!

Dunno but it really got me!! argh!

I just wanna get in their faces of these morons, like Wow… you must really be very close with God. Are you in constant correspondence with him? text mate? are you friends on Facebook?

I picked a Christian doctrine although I have no religious affiliations because this End of the World attitude is usually Christian or Catholic since they believe so much in the second coming.

Now for those who know God, tell him to add me please. i have serious questions for him. You must be the most important person in the whole world that God chose to tell you of his super secret plans.

clap clap clap.

Oh by the way, the next time you speak to him, kindly tell him to revive my garden mums. They’re dying for some reason, I, a wannabe gardener, do not know.

Tell him, okay?



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Now, ladies and gentlemen… (no disrespect, especially to some of my family) But I am of the opinion that the late Ferdinand Marcos was terrible but great. He was a twisted dictator, as twisted as they come, but he was hell intelligent. He is like Lord Voldemort. He inspires spite, fear and fury… but also awe. oh the trappings of brilliance.

One can appreciate the greatness behind the evil. It’s like Adolf Hitler, no doubt, he is one evil man. Probably one of the most evil that ever walked this earth… He can give Satan a run for his money. but he inspires awe in me… how in the world did one man, one man with a funny shaped mustache, convince millions of others to think that his shrewd, extremely inhumane ideas were correct? how? mind boggling. He must be some speaker, huh. Or maybe he can cast the imperius curse. who knew?

anywho… that’s how I feel with Marcos. And yeah, also, his first wife is a right piece of work. Imelda is really amusing.. her opinions really gets me…:)

One classic is “Filipinos want beauty. I have to look beautiful so that the poor Filipinos will have a star to look at from their slums.”

It is true yes. Filipinos love beauty… the masses worship the stars, the reason why celebrities are treated as gods.

And Filipinos are sharply cheeky as hell; they will insult you way below the belt, reason why cheap tabloids sell so much. all about Politicians’ dirty laundry and even trivial things like less than perfect physical and superficial attributes are stuff of satire and ridicule.

But she uses the ignorance behind that awe so she could appear in all of her nouveau riche glory and rub their noses deeper in the dirt. LOL

Oh Imelda… you are the original Lady Gaga.


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Religion have greatly failed humanity in many ways, most especially in its ultimate purpose, which is to unite all of God's people and save their souls through affiliation with a religious sect.

Someone (a great person or philosopher he must have or could have been) once said that it is near impossible to really believe, acknowledge a life directed to the path of salvation and ultimately establish faith if religion was not present. Perhaps this is true, perhaps not. It is simply, my opinion, that the multitudes of religions have caused more harm than good. Just look at the annals of world history. Millions have died in the name of their god/s, battles and wars have been fought just to prove whose god is better. Even in our present, so-called liberal society, the battle of the best religion rages on, separating us and pitting us against each other.

Not to send out the wrong idea, I am not an atheist. I believe in God; in Jesus Christ, the prophets, the miracles, Moses, the parting of the red sea, the plagues, Adam and Eve, Mohhamed the Muslim prophet, the enlightenment of Buddha, the holy trinity of Hinduism and all the rest of their 36,000,000 gods; in heaven and hell, good and bad, and all of those divine stories. I just don't believe that in order to be together with God, in order to enter his kingdom, I must choose one.

I am not saying that all religions are perfect in their entirety; I am not saying that one is better or worst. They have faults, but that is understandable as religion was created by humans. But all of them, when we study them carefully, are all aimed ultimately at one belief and one goal. Be good, do good, love god and your neighbours, offer kindness, respect all creatures, we are all equal, we should live our life well, considering others and not feeling like we are the best thing that ever happened to humanity, et cetera, et cetera. They all pretty much teach us the same things. Shown in different practices; explained in various ways; God called in many names.

If some religions do have weaknesses, like Catholic priests and sexual abuse, Moslem and their Jihad, the Hindus in their bizarre ways of worship; we must understand that these are human faults committed by individuals and not the religion itself. If there is a flaw in the system it is because of political agendas and other personal issues of the people in power.

But to single out one religion and fault it as a wrong religion would be sheer discrimination and narcissism. Who are we to judge?

If God were to choose one religion to acknowledge as correct and solely its members were to be allowed to enter his kingdom, won't that make him an unjust and selfish God?

God is too big to fit in one religion. There is nothing wrong with affiliating oneself with one religion, but there would definitely be something wrong if you proclaim that yours is the ONLY way to salvation.

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HUMANETRICS-prrof that people can change

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It’s age-old cliche to say that we need to find a person that we can grow old with. The topic is so pensive that I’m having a little difficulty elaborating.

What prompted this was me taking a test on

I was quite surprised when I saw the results. I used to be an extrovert. An Artsyfartsy life of the party. But now I’m an introvert who loves to analyze things etc… see my results

Its funny that I wasnt even really thinking about my answers, just clicking on what comes closest to what I thought upon reading the question, but the analysis on INTP (introverted intuitive thinking perceiving) was very accurate to how I am now. On how I deall with things and approach situations.

How did I change? I honestly don’t know how it started, when it started and how drastic I was changing. But the great thing is, my friends, who knew me back when I was the life of the party, are still there, now that I’m more subdued.

It is true that real friends love you not knowing, how why or when. not because you like doing the same things but because they just love you. and they will grow with you and not become stagnant so you face life together. Ever had an experience where in you meet your ultimate bestfriend after years of absence and you find that you are at a loss for words and have nothing to talk about coz you dont have anything in common anymore? hmmm.. well you might not have had a real deep connection. I believ real friends need not have much in common, you know?

Now it’s your turn to see if you are still the same person that you were. take the test on

and have your friends take it as well. See if you were still the same persons you were back in the days when you just met.

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The Truth about Facebook

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It’s cute how some people religiously update their status to how exactly they are feeling, such as “I have a headcahe”, “I’m about to go to bed” and even “I have gastritis”

It is in a way amusing, but also disturbing, to see so many people share so much of things that are actually very personal, such as urinary tract infections.

What can be more amusing are people sharing or broadcasting to their social network of friends spats with lovers, ex-lovers or siblings and even frenemies.

I’m not a psychologist and not even close to being one, but I think that these people just want acceptance. Or maybe they just want attention, not in a “kulang sa pansin” way, I don’t mean is as negative, mind you.

There are just these people who can be unhappy in their lives, or maybe they think that they are not getting the attention or affection they deserve, sometimes they just want their voices heard, sometimes they just want to be understood or just somebody to talk to and emphathize with them; and what best way to find sympathy and an ear to bend than an impersonal form of communication?

It can be frustrating for some people who are in the receiving end of the lashes and really infuriating for those involved in the other side of the story but refuse to resort to bad mouthing and trash talking.

To us, who can be guilty of such social networking behaviour, or to us who can be victims of such social networking bahaviour; just always remember to live and let live, and know in your heart and mind that only those who are actually involved in the situation know the truth, not the bestfriend, not the partner, the sister or the cousin. If we are not directly involved and are not immediately part of it, then understand that we can give opinions and comments, but we have no right to ostracize and take sides.

Happy New Year to All! Let us start the year right and make peace with others and with ourselves!

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Revisiting nostalgia at the new Little Quiapo (since 1949)

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I remember my mom mention Little Quiapo when we went to SSS about three to four years ago, she remarked ...Ay! Buhi pa ni gali ang Little Quiapo! College pa ko ni a!“

Many years later, I suddenly thought of visiting this place just to avoid eating in another restaurant inside a mall. Upon arriving (Malakas St. near Philippine Heart Center and Sulu Hotel) I instantly took a whiff of the rich smell of frying spiced meat in fat wafting from the kitchens to the Lanai. There were colourful assortments of fruits for sale, giving the place that Sunday Market feel. Everything looked and smelled good already.

Its interior was not what I really expected, but I could not say that I was disappointed. It had that grandmother's house feel, however you could tell that the décor were purchased and were not really relics of Spanish Era Quiapo. It was even Mexican-ish looking because of the choice of wall hues and what with the game hunting memorabilia and the enormous bull horn as doorknobs. Even the feel of the architecture was a little Mexican, I half expected tortillas and chimichangas to be on the menu.

As per online reviews, Pancit Palabok and Halo-halo were the old time favourites of Little Quiapo. So I decided to order Caldereta and Lumpiang Shanghai. It was a little pricey, more than what I expected. According to an online source, meals would cost around Php 150 per person, but of course I neglected to check what date that review was posted, and it talked about Little Quiapo as carinderia looking which is a far cry from this family lunch looking venue.

Most entrees ranged from 200 up, good for two persons said the waiter. Speaking of waiters, this is another aspect of Little Quiapo that I was excited to witness for myself. Most of the reviews I read, talked about the waiters being not in the mood or even a little irritable when you requested something extra. Now this part did not disappoint. I had to restrain myself from giggling every time the waiter would make a disapproving grunt.

They were not exactly rude, but they weren't very customer service oriented either. They all looked the same too; imagine the pot bellied men of the Rotary Club or the local barangay council. They may look like that barangay captain of yours or one of his close mates, always ready for beer and kainan doon kela kumpare and they almost always know someone from the police, or they claim to anyway. Not to stereotype, but that's what they impressed on me.

When the waiter took our orders, and I requested for the Caldereta to be made a little spicy he even asked me ...ano pa?“ . I felt like I was talking to somebody's father and I wasn't really very welcome in their place. When he came to put our plates and utensils on the table, he did so with absolutely no finesse just slid the plates on the table with a clatter. Admittedly, it was a bit shocking as I was used to smiling waiters and waitresses ever so polite, still, it was a little amusing. It seemed like they wanted to be anywhere but there. Of course, as Karl put it so perfectly, if you've been serving since 1949, you wouldn't be so hot too. Hahaha.

As for the food itself, it didn't disappoint. The Caldereta even tasted like how my mom cooked it, a little stew-y and spicy and ever so rich. The beef was so tender, but not overly so, just the right bite; with the fat melting in your mouth. Even though the potatoes were a bit undercooked, the dish itself is a must try. The Lumpiang Shanghai was perfectly cooked as well, and it had that adobo-ish twist to it. Albeit the poor customer service, this quaint little restaurant should be marketed as a must visit.

It will definitely transport you back to the Sundays of your childhood when mom or lola would cook for the family.

Cost: Php 600 something (Caldereta, Lumpia and four orders of rice)

Lumpiang Shanghai and Caldereta

Wood Laddles and Dippers displayed on the wall adjacent to the washroom

The Menu

Karl outside the facade

Nice heavy wooden doors

Inside Little Quiapo

The Sunday Market Feel

An assortment of memorabilias

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Dining ala celibataire

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I just got back from a delicious date with myself at Teriyaki Boy Eastwood. It’s been quite a while since I took me out to really experience food and savour the flavours as it touches and caress my discriminating pallette.
Since my PIL (partner in life) is out today, and not only was I was feeling rather starved after my 9 hour shift I was also craving for something… ocean-y (seafood??), but not too salty, with a subtle sweetness, something sharp but juicy.. but I also wanted something rich and creamy with a little tang and crunch. Plus, I didn’t have that much cash to burn for seafood.
I strolled around my second home to ponder and decide where to satisfy my cravings, I had that mild dilemna as I walked from 1880 building to 1800 building; when I saw it. Teriyaki Boy and its bright yellow logo. Hello Japanese food!
Shrimp! I immediately thought I wanted tempura, the sauce was sharp enough… but hmm… I needed more personality. It’ll take more than normal Tempura to make this date really delicious. And since I would be dining solo, I decided to try something different.

It took me a good 10 minutes or so to actually decide what to get, I’ve had two refills of iced tea before I decided on Gyoza and Tempura Tuna Sashimi Tartare. The latter promised to be spicy whilethe former was some sort of a Japanese variant of the fried siomai. I was about to finalize it when I saw the Kani Salad. Japanese Mayo! rich creamy, has a little tang and has that sweet married to the brine appeal. Plus it had Kani and fresh shrimp. Perfect.
I wanted to take a picture of the food, which, as far as I can remember, I last did when I was 15 and blogging about Mr. Kebab. I was not into the whole “I’ll take a picture of what I’m eating and I’ll post it on facebook so you know what goes into my body” thing; but for blogging purposes, I was willing to make an exception, plus, the salad was so colorful with the cucumber slaws, kani, mayo and roe. Unfortunately, my phone battery died on me even before I got to snap a photo of the Tempura Tuna Sashimi Tartare.
(the photo below is from Google Images)

The Kani salad did not disappoint, I wasn’t surprised that I finished it off. The amount of Kani was just right, not too much to have it overwhelm the mild flavor and fresh crunch of the cucumber, nor was it scrimped. You can taste the brineyness of the fresh shrimp complimenting the rich sweetness and tart of the Japanese mayo.

The Tempura Tuna Sashimi Tartare was pretty decent but was not spicy enough, you can barely feel the bite of the wasabe or whatever it was they used. It sort of tasted like wasabe. The raw Tuna’s soft but firm texture was perfect with the crunchy tempura flakes pepperring it. The Japanese Mayo added a very light hint of sweet and salt. Scallion garnish added that bite and sharp attitude to the dish.
Overall, it was pretty good dining experience. Good enough that I had to order steamed rice.
Cost: Php 353.00 (with refillable iced tea)
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