Thursday, May 31, 2012

Boracay - a bittersweet affair with the island of my youth

My cousins from New York came home and some of them havent been to Boracay yet. Here are some of our pictures. We didnt take a lot of photos since we were too busy having a blast.

with my favorite niece Sophia

Roro my cousin's hubby

wicked flying fish ride --always a favorite

a night out in d'mall

cousin Champ and tita Manay in the background

Funnyily enough, This is kind of my first decent photo on Willy's rock

The handsome Morgan

And the super adorable Wyee
Aunts and cousins. Diday is never in the picture. T_T

I have a bittersweet relationship with this island. I have fallen inlove and broken my heart here. Made friends and lost friends. I have laughed, cried, gone crazy, had accidents and all sorts of things in this island. I have spent many holidays here including birthdays and christmases and new years.

It saddens me that it's now super commercialized and it seems like the government does not care at all about the health of the island. But no matter how much the island changes --it will still feel like home. sort of. 

It always makes me happy to reunite with friends here and just have a blast --like I'm once again young and carefree. I was not able to go diving as I was busy entertaining and playing tour guide for the expats but I had an awesome time.

Will see you again soon!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Corona Hullaballoo

So this is not a post about my opinion of whether or not Corona should have been acquitted or if he rightfully deserved the guilty verdict. In fact I have no opinion-opinion regarding that matter. In all honesty, I did not religiously watch the impeachment proceedings and even if I did, I doubt my opinion would mean much, seeing as I don't really know the law and the rules of impeachment.. the criteria per se. Simply because, I'm not a lawyer.

However... I guess many would say that by writing this entry, I do have a bit of an opinion.. well.. yeah you know... urgh.. Fine. Honestly? Yeah, I do have a bit of a say. He's guilty. 

But wait, wait, wait! 

Aren't they all? The lot of them are guilty of corruption one way or another, right? But based on the rules of law, was he impeach-able? (fuck i don't care if there is no such word) A big fat I-DON'T-KNOW.

You see the point of this entry is not to analyze the Corona Business whatsoever, it's simply about ignorant people in the senate and how the justice system in the Philippines have gone to the dogs. In her verdict, Miriam Defensor Santiago said this bit:
"Hindi ganun kadali magbasa ng constitution. Constitutional analysis is a field of art in itself. It is a technical field, kaya 4 na taon ang abogasiya. Eh kung maski sino lang pala pwede mag interpret ng constitution bakit pa tayo may mga abogado? edi kanya kanya na lang!"
(It's not that easy to read the constitution. Constitutional analysis is a field of art in itself. It is a technical field, that's why law needs 4 years of study. If anyone can just interpret the Constitution, certainly there would be no need for lawyers!)

100% true!!!!

I mean look at this idiot here...


'Di po ako pwedeng mag salita tungkol sa republic act, dahil di ako marunong dito. Ginagamit ko lang ay ang aking konsensya -Lito Lapid

(I could not speak about the republic act, because I am ignorant in this field. I'm just using my conscience.)


I think the best advice for Sen. Lapid:

"It's better to keep silent and be thought of a fool, than open your mouth and erase all doubt!!!!!"

Monday, April 30, 2012

serendipity anyone?

"The Three Princes of Serendip, whose heroes were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of".
-Horace Walpole

Do you believe in fate, serendipity or whatever? I kinda dont but some events in life can really convince me otherwise!

So there you have it, my silly musings for the day.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lembas Recipe

Today I tried my hand at making Lembas... you know, Elven Waybread. One cake can sustain a man for a full day's march!

I searched for Recipes online and I found that it varies so instead of following one, I decided to make my own.


Flour (I kept adding flour when it gets too sticky and just added more ingredients accordingly...)

Baking Powder (1 tsp. is to 1 cup of flour)

lemon extract (I added about 1 teaspoon.. just enough to give it a slight hint)

Honey (I don't know how much I poured in there, maybe about 5 Tbsp. per 1 1/2 cups flour don't put too much though as you don't want it to attract ants! remember that it needs to stay fresh for months!)

Butter (maybe less than a stick? just enough to bring all the ingredients together)

a pinch of salt

Water to bring ingredients together

  1. preheat oven to 220 celsius
  2. Mix flour, baking powder and salt
  3. chop butter in and knead.. Add water to bring eveything together. if it's all sticky just add a bit of flour
  4. add lemon extract and honey
  5. continue mixing ingredients together by kneading until its all homogenous.. keep adding flour when it gets all gooey and sticky
  6. When the dough is perfect (the dough should feel dry and not at all sticky despite the fact that its all stuck together)
  7. Separate into rectangular portions and lay on baking sheets. With a knife, draw an X on each piece
  8. bake for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown
  9. Cool and wrap in Mallorn leaves
Mallorn leaves I made using colored paper. I drew the veins using a green sharpie and shaded a bit with green crayon.
The result?

Buttery goodness with a hint of lemon and honey! yum!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Speaking out on love and homosexuality

Recently, I saw photo of Anne Hathaway on Facebook and I remembered this interview of Vice Ganda in Kris Aquino's daytime show.

Kris was referring to homosexuality as some sort of sickness that needs to be cured. Like she was so condescending to Vice Ganda and she kept sating things like "Sayang ang gwapo mo pa naman" (it's such a shame that you're gay because you're so good looking) or something like that. I don't understand her sentiment, she probably meant well, but it's about time that people understand that homosexuality is something that should not be frowned on. It's not like liking the same sex means you're a lesser person.

It's not a disease, it's not a psychiatric problem, it's not a big deal. It's not something that can be cured because it's not a problem anyway.

Who are we to dictate that love and passion should have a gender?When someone falls inlove it's because of attraction to the person's personality or maybe physical attributes. We do not love or desire someone simply because of gender.

If we fall in love with a person and he/she happened to be of the same sex, what's the big deal?
Love is love. that's that.

I'm so sick of all these people looking down on homosexuality. It's love for heaven's sake. What's with the labels? It's not like you fall inlove with people because of their gender.

And don't think that I'm a heathen for saying such because I have no religion because even if I did I still won't think it's wrong. Most religions do not peg God as having a gender anyway so that's your first sign right there that gender is just all nonsense when it comes to emotions.

Anyway, I hope people would just live and let live and if stuff makes them uncomfortable, just think that it's none of their business anyway. Recently I pondered about with incest and it's something that makes me very uncomfortable but one of my friends gave me his two cents on it and after a while of thinking it over I think I have to agree with him.

I asked for people to give me their opinion why incest is so frowned upon. And I asked for them to give me an arguement that does not invoke religion.
So yeah... going back to homosexuality, I think that it's about time society take out those sticks that are lodged up their asses and just live and let live.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Live and Love

Circa 2004 -- Junior High School
"Youth can not know how age thinks and feels, but old men are guilty, if they forget what it was to be young"

-Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I promised myself when I was younger that, like Peter Pan, I would never allow myself to grow old and forget what it felt like to be young.

I'm quite happy to report that at 24 years old (almost a quarter of a century, gasp!) this is soooooo soooooo very far from happening. In fact, I am certain that this (forgetting youth) will never ever happen.

Almost everyday, my adolescent nephew comes to me to tell me stories about school and stuff and sometimes he asks for advice. I'm so happy that when he tells me his stories I still know how it feels to be in his shoes and how easy it is to feel like the world is such a terrible place and the universe is conspiring to make you feel all miserable.

He has these stories about the girl (or girls) he likes, his friends, teachers, fitting in, trying to be cool and such and I try as much as I can to impart on him knowledge from experience without sounding all snooty and grown-uppy.. so instead of giving him direct advice, I mostly share to him stories of my youth. He says he likes asking me for advice because he feels like we are on the same boat.

My partner, he oftentimes laughs and tells my nephew he is being melodramatic and dismisses his stories as silly and ridiculous. Telling him to stop entertaining such drama and focus on studies instead.

Of course I know that he (my partner) is right. But when you are in his (my nephew's) position, it really is hard to ignore those feelings. When you are young and your hormones are raging, its really annoying when an adult tells you to stop being so melodramatic. You'd hate it when they tell you that there are bigger problems in life blah blah blah. Because when you are at that age, it feels like those problems are larger than life itself. Telling an adolescent there are bigger problems will not, at the very least, help in easing the emotional burden. 

Bills? Never heard of those.

Career? Boring.

World hunger? Who cares!

Of course, i am all for advising and educating him that there are indeed other things he should focus on. I do tell him that he should not occupy himself with love woes completely or think that being cool is the most important thing on earth. 

But I have not forgotten how it felt to be young so regarding teenage problems such as love and fitting in as something silly is very hypocritical. Very wrong in my opinion.

Teenage problems are not ridiculous. They are real.

Of course when we do mature, we learn that those problems weren't really as serious as we thought--your classmates not liking you hardly resulted in the apocalypse. But telling a teenager that will only go on deaf ears.

Like Dumbly said, "Youth cannot know how age thinks"

And when I really think about it, why do so many people scoff at teenage romance anyway? Why do so many people laugh at teens who say they are inlove? Why do a lot of people regard adolescent woes as silly and not worth understanding?

If teenage love and life is so ridiculous and trivial, why do teenage stories fill the pages of literature? Why are films and television series set in high school such a hit?

I, for one, think that stories of adolescence makes a lot of sense.

Because teenage life and love is often devoid of logic and reason. It's pure, unadulterated passion. And isn't passion the ultimate spice of life? Isn't love without passion boring?

Adolescent life is life at its purest sense. It's life minus fears and worldy worries.

Ah, youth! To be young and carefree!

We should never forget. Never.

Growing up is okay... everyone will have to grow up eventually... But growing OLD? YUCK.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Let's all do our part

Let us all do our part.. Since I have started SERIOUSLY segregating our garbage (as in I go berserk and go through the trash when someone bins something in the wrong container) we have reduced our non-biodegradable waste to 1 large garbage bag a month.

Please help save the environment. Don't take this as some tree-hugging hippie bullshit. It's not. Our earth is the only one we have. 

Little things can do so much if we all help out. Segregating the garbage, not littering, using a glass when brushing teeth (instead of keeping the tap running --reduced water bill by 20% unbelievable!), conserve electricity and don't use motorized transportation for short travels (will save you money too). There are a million other ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Let us all educate ourselves and be part of the movement.

So many of us are so busy worrying about the next life and the next world. What about this world?  what about this life? 

Don't think it blasphemy that I say that. If you are so worried about what your God (whoever it is for you), won't you think your God will be happy that your taking care of his creation? 

Working hard to be rich? How will you enjoy your riches when there will no longer be nice places (such as beaches and other tourist spots) or when the air becomes so foul or the weather so erratic and extreme?

"just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there" 

(photo grabbed from Yasmin Grogan)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Do mice revenge?

It's my first entry of the year and it's about animal cruelty. Or not.

Yesterday (or last night I suppose) I saw a mouse enter through the gap between the screen and the window. I wasn't even aware that damned window was open... So anyway, I saw the mouse walking along the curtain rods trying to decide where to go. But if for a minute it thought it can simply move in without getting any trouble it was much mistaken.

Now I love animals to the death, but pests are just different. Rodents are really pet peeves of mine. Of course I love furry little bunnies and hamsters and guinea pigs just as much as any pet lover but house mice are different. And when these pests come into my home uninvited it really gets me all worked up and I won't stop until I KILL IT. Okay crucify me now PETA but I have no tender spot for these gnawing, turd leaving, foul smelling, bacteria and virus infested little critters. I have DOGS!! mice can bite my dogs, or my dogs can lick their shit or urine and get sick. I hate house mice with a vengeance.

I spent the whole work day chasing after the damned mouse. I even played Blondie's One Way or Another on repeat to get in the mood for it. First, I dusted the window sill with Racumin, the kind that causes internal bleeding when ingested.

I cornered the little thing like more than three times. The first time, the mousey was all the way under the desk I was scared of moving the desk for fear it'll jump 18inches into the air and bite me with its flat, rabies infected teeth (google says its highly unlikely that domestic mice have rabies but I wasn't taking any chances!) so I poured all purpose cleaner on it through the gap. The thing was drenched to the bone so I thought it'll die right away but instead it scurried away and I seriously felt like Tom getting outwitted and outran heaps of time by foul little Jerry, it was frustrating!!!

I was able to pour all purpose cleaner on it one more time but the thing just won't die!!!! Several times I was able to wallop it with the mop (I don't know if I hit it though) and once I got it pinned to the corner of the room with the mop head. But since the mop is all soft, and mice can flatten their bodies and escape these really tight situations,  it squeaked something horrible and ran away to where I dunno. It was a good three hours before I gave up the chase.

Didn't get to work any coz when I didn't catch it I got scared it'd run under the desk and bite my feet. It says somewhere online that mice rarely bite for no reason but I expect it'll want revenge on the cruel, inhumane human who walloped it with a mop, poured cleaner on it, baited it with poison, etc..

So I sat in the semi-dark, flashlight and mop at the ready... just waiting for it to come out. It's now morning and I haven't seen tail nor hair of it. Expect it already escaped... urgh. I hope its not somewhere inside the house. I'd hate to find a dead mouse stinking up my closet. YUCK!