Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Goodbye to my brother Chase, the consummate survivor.

I get hit by moments of unbearable sadness several times a day and all I can do is cry it out and remind myself that you are okay now. Heaven is surely much better than this place. There you are young again, free from pain and suffering.

I miss those great big cherub eyes, your disastrous fat tail and clumsy giant paws. I miss your enormous and heavy head on my lap, your horrible farts in the middle of the night, your loud-ass snoring, your James Earl Jones sounding bark, your impatient howling when its dinner time, your morning wake up sneeze on my face. I miss everything about you buddy.

I know you were the one who kept peeing in the band room and that's okay. Tumtum peed on the bed and Padfoot peed on Paulo so you guys are all off the hook.

Watch over us always, make sure Tumtum finishes his food and Padfoot behaves himself and doesn't go through the dog food bag when were not home.

I have been with you almost everyday for 8 long years, and the day I first met you, it was love at first sight. At first I didn't want to adopt a dog because I said I didn't have time to care for one plus I was scared to be emotionally attached because I know this day would come. But when I saw you, I immediately loved you with all my heart, I promised I would care for you and protect you. And I did. And in turn you gave me your unconditional love, the comfort of your presence and two beautiful sons.

We are your fourth family and sometimes I cannot help but wonder how could your previous foster family put you up for adoption when you are the best friend anyone could ask for, but I'm glad they did because then we wouldn't have the blessing that was you.

The only time I felt close to this kind of grief was when you decided to swim during Typhoon Ondoy and we feared that we lost you forever. But you were tough, you survived and we called you our immortal dog. But now, I know I'll never be ever to hold you again and that is the toughest part of losing someone.

I know this grief will pass and in time only the happy memories will remain. Our baths, our walks, our cuddles, you helping me out in the kitchen, our talks, our games, our adventures, how you would remove my socks for me, how you would chase after me and snap at my butt when I roller blade around you, how you would wake me up every morning by nuzzling me... we have so much happy memories my Cheesy Poofs. But for now, it's just really hard to get used to your absence.

You were the one who kept me sane all those years I was living alone. You took all my stress and problems away with a simple wag of your tail. With you, I became a better person. Thank you for teaching me all these Chase; because everyday I strive to be the person you believed me to be.

Your kids are missing you, but don't worry about them, they have me and Paulo. We will do our best to give them the best home we can provide.

I love you Chase. You are my first and oldest dog. At 13-15 years old, you've lived a good long life filled with happiness and love. Enjoy Heaven and say hello to God for me. I pray everyday that he will make you your favorite spaghetti and meatballs and give you lots of tennis balls to play with.

Remember how I used to sing Puff the Magic Dragon to you? Well right now, I feel like I'm Puff and you're Jackie Paper.