Saturday, July 9, 2011

Starbucks Coffee: I could sue but I choose not to.

I' m now in Starbucks Eastwood Avenue and I literally have a grimace on my face. I am not a finicky person and I do not mind gross things, my belief is, "if it's not gonna kill you stop being such a barbie girl about it".

I don't mind picking up my dog's shit and don't mind getting it on my hands, I clean maggots from garbage cans with spoiled food, crushing dog ticks under my finger nails or even prying dead animals (like frogs or rats) from my dogs' mouth if they happen to pick one up during our walks. i mean, that's why soaps and alcohol were invented, right?

But today, I felt like crying just because of a fly. a godamn fly. Here I was in Starbucks Eastwood, having a hot white mocha, researching and typing away happily while sipping contentedly from my paper cup tumbler with the little sippy cup lid on it.

I took the last sip of my Starbucks white mocha and I felt this small solid thing touch my tongue. In a flash, I wondered what it could be as it is most unusual to have a small solid thingy in my coffee... so thanks to my better judgement, i fished it off my tongue and set it on a paper napkin instead of crushing it on my tongue. I thought at first:

"what is this withered brocolli leaf thingy doing in my drink? (it was about the size of a small pellet)"

But on closer inspection, I saw that it wasn't green at all but black (Starbucks has yellow lights) and with WINGS!!! WHAT THE FFFFFFFFF!!!!

A fly! in my drink!!!? has it been here the whole time? have i been drinking coffee while a fly, who has been on dogshit and all sorts of garbage, has been soaking it???? WHAT THE!!! SON OF BITCH!!!

all these thoughts ran through my brain in like a millisecond but I wasn't mad at all. I felt like crying. I didn't want to make a scene or even be all snotty to these Baristas who are always so nice to me and I know that they do follow a sanitary practice because my boyfriend's cousin is a Starbucks Barista. Plus I've been coming here since they opened this particular branch and, I dunno, FURRRK!! they are always so nice to me! It can't be intentional negligence from a sloppy barista because these guys, they are serious about their jobs and stuff. I just KNOW IT!!

I mean, what is to be gained if I sue? Money? for what? for a fly jacuzzi-ing in my drink? why? will that fly kill me? I think not! I have a pretty hardcore stomach and immune system so I know I'll be good.

So with a seriously contained facial grimace and tightened jaw, I went to the counter and spoke in hushed tones so the other customers won't hear what happened. i showed them the fly and they were ever so nice to me. They offered me anything I want and the manager spoke to and she didn't make excuses. She even said that it was probably because they opened the window earlier in the day since the AC was broken (no wonder it was so warm, I thought they turned up the heat coz it was raining).

I loved it that she didn't make excuses or try to make it seem like they were not at fault at all... anywho. Don't want to get into the details. She was just so genuine and stuff. they offered me like all sorts of stuff but I declined, i mean, I don't deserve to get their things just because I had the unfortunate experience.

I just told her that they are lucky it was me and not some other customer who would have bleed them dry. They should be absolutely careful next time or else they won't be getting off this easy! they need to get their AC fixed and all that to avoid these sort of incidents because there could absolutely be no next time! Lucky for them, unlucky for me!

Oh well.... at least i could say I have had fly. It doesn't taste like anything. but it's something I wouldn;t wanna do again if I can help it.

Today is August 13, 2011 and I haven't had Starbucks Coffee ever since this post. I So I guess I am a tiny bit squeamish even if I don't want to admit it.