Thursday, August 11, 2011

Korn Live in Manila Experience

My Korn roots before I talk about my Korn Live in Manila experience....

I was 9 years old when my cousin introduced me to Korn. I instantly fell in love with their music and most especially with their frontman Jonathan Davis. I was so inlove with him that it was safe to say I was obsessed.
Everyday, I listened to their songs on casette tape (I didn’t own a CD player until 1998), graffitied KoRn on just about everything I owned (or even things I didn’t own) and even took to writing HIV on my notebooks (which concerned my parents). I dressed a pillow in a red shirt with Korn written on it with a black marker and I used to wheel it around in a computer chair pretending it was Jonathan Davis. Also you will oftentimes see me wearing my navy blue Adidas sweat pants and matching Adidas shirt. Being really young at 9, I wasn’t sure if I wanted Jonathan Davis or I wanted to be him.
I admit I wasn't  the most faithful fan. I kinda stopped following Korn (as in I wasn't keeping myself updated on their endeavors anymore) after Follow the Leader (which I didn’t like as much as the first two), deeming “Issues” mediocre at best. 
All the same, I still had a special place on my playlist for their first three albums and most especially for my first love, Jonathan Houseman Davis. So when I learned that I will have a chance to see Korn Live in Manila I was super ecstatic! I will not miss this for the world!
The tickets for the best seats were expensive at 4,700 pesos, that was more than half of my monthly rent. We could only afford the tickets for upper box C which was around 1,500 but it doesn’t matter. I will be seeing Korn Live in Manila 14 years after I fell in love with them. FUCK YEAH!!
So how was it?

Jani, Hello Kitty (myself) and my cousin Dasya. Notice the empty seats! That's because Korn's concert was not properly promoted! A band this big deserved more press!! WTF Ovation! you suck!

My tweets while I anxiously waited for Korn and one tweet just when they were playing Blind.. which we couldn't hear properly.

It was beyond FUCKING AWESOME. I didn’t expect that Jonathan Davis would still have that magnetic effect on me. Now that I am 23 years old, I realize that I don’t want to BE him.. I WANT HIM. BAD. At 40 years old, he is so ridiculously SEXY, sexier than men half his age. Jonathan Davis is a SEX GOD. his voice, the way he moves, that man is a walking obscenity, not in a gross way, but in a SEXY way. Major GROUPIE MODE!!!!

That's the view from where we stood. Credit goes to Dasya as I was too busy acting like a complete baboon  to take photos. I was beyond insane!! Jonathan I'll have your fourth baby!! Fucking sexy beast! his voice was making love to me all the way to the upper box!

the view that I wanted. Credit goes to the Korn official website.  This is a n actual photo from  the Manila Concert. Lucky fuck who ever took this photo. ARGH!

What was disappointing was the overall turnout owing to how the "Korn Live in Manila" was produced.
Who opened for them? Slap FUCKING suck. I mean Slapshock.
What is the English term for Jologs? Baduy? post a comment if you know. SLAPSHOCK JOLOGS. Tae ng agent orange get up get up.
Dickies, headband, basketball jersey. ANOOO BAAA!! SLAPSHOCK’s very image screamed: RAKELITO. rakista ako. rak en roll. rakistang totoo.
GAGO Jologs nyo!!
WTF Slapshock. It was hilarious. The opening took forever! I think they played about 7 or 8 songs. Seriously. Not Kidding. I was almost in tears while shouting:
“TANGINAAAAAAAAAA!!! tama na!! I want Korn!!!”
After Slapsuck played probably their whole album, DJ Jeezass took the stage. That’s not really his name, he just looked like a goofy, rebonded version of our Lord and Saviour. Oh my God I love DJ Jeezass!! talk about a one man show!! hahaha

DJ Jeezas entertaining the crowd while fucking Ovation fixed dealt with technical shit.

So we guessed there were tech issues hence the delay. Everytime a roadie walked on stage we’d scream our hearts out (or maybe it was just me), everytime they turned off the lights I felt like I’d pee my pants. Korn came on stage at around past 9 I guess and the scheduled start was 8pm.
but the sounds weren’t as good where we were so we didn’t really hear him say those words. They didn’t even turn off the lights before Korn walked on stage to build up tension. Overall, they didn’t enter with a BANG like I anticipated they would.

The big display in the middle wasn’t even turned on and Jon’s mic sounded deaf to my ears. If I wasn’t such a big Korn fanatic, I would have hated every moment of it, but their presence on stage distracted me from all the technical fuck-ups.
They didn’t interact much with audience (disappointed me a bit) and I wished they played more from Korn (1994) and Life is Peachy... but STILL! they were so super awesome. I can’t believe how good they sounded Live. FUCK!!! 
They didn’t jump around together like they used to when they were younger but

their energy, especially for their age, was remarkable. And did I say how FUCKING SEXY JONATHAN DAVIS WAS?
Oh my god! I want to crawl up his kilt!!!
another thing that really bugged me were the people in front, the lucky bastards in the moshpit. They were so lame!! I mean they didn’t appear to be all that pumped to be there, so close to the Nu-metal gods. They just stood there with their cameras or camera phones taking videos. I mean, WTF??? I get that you want to record this moment but they looked absolutely bored from where I stood. I was so jealous and I just wanted to dive from the upper box into the moshpit! I mean we (my cousin, her friend and myself) were jumping up and down non-stop, singing along, pumping our fists and basically out of our heads ecstatic to be seeing Korn Live
How sad that the moshpit was half empty. And the few lucky people who were there looked like they were watching the opera. Seriously!! lamest crowd ever! SO JEALOUS!!! I wish I could afford patron tickets! I could have infected that boring crowd with my over the top energy.

The Arena was so bare too and most of the audience were packed in the general admissions. Ovation productions should have done something about this, I mean, how would it look to Korn to see a half-empty Arena?? What an insult and I felt embarrassed! I don’t want them to think Filipinos don’t love them!!
But the sad truth is (in my opinion!), Ovation Productions didn’t put much effort in accommodating as well as advertising the pioneer of Nu-Metal, one of the greatest bands to walk the Earth because they were busy with other upcoming (more profitable) concerts.
Imagine! they didn't advertise Korn's upcoming concert until late June! HELLO!! we are not a first world country, people here need time to save up for stuff like this! 4,700 is not a joke! If they could have advertised this concert maybe as much as they advertise American Fucking Idol the place won’t be half empty.
Plus the tech could have done a way better job!
Palbhasa busy sa tanginang American Idol na yan.
Ovation Productions sana mabasa nyo to! FYI! hindi lang basta banda ang Korn! kakainsulto yung preparation na ginawa nyo!
I want to weep in behalf of the Korn fans who felt that one of the greatest artists in the world were given such a crappy welcome. They may not be the most popular band today but they are Icons dammit! I don’t know this to be true, but from where Korn stood, we must have been the lamest audience.:(
I screamed my head off in hopes that they would hear me, for them to know how much I love them. I jumped as high as I could and shouted the words to their songs hoping upon hope that they would feel their fans’ love. 
Sorry Korn. :(
I love you guys! Including of course original members, Head and David. Please don’t hate the Philippines. :(

I hope Korn comes back despite the shitty Korn Live in Manila turn-out. But this time, it should be produced by those who actually LOVE the Band! and no boring people allowed.

Follow up: 

Okay so I was searching for #korn and @korn tags on Twitter when I saw @jmaping's tweet!
"#Munky signing my #TakeALookInTheMirror CD! @Korn meet and greet!"

A meet and greet???? OH MY GOD!!! I seriously cried when I learned that 5 lucky fans were given the chance to meet Korn, face to face!!! How was this not promoted?? I subscribe to Korn's official website and I do receive emails from them in my inbox and not my junk but I never received an announcement for this!

After googling it, I learned that a local record store ( was responsible for this meet and greet! And they announced it via their Facebook fan page! I mean come on!!! Who keeps tabs on a record store's fanpage? WHO???

Had they announced it via Twitter I could have at least had a shot! (which wasn't hard apparently coz I saw their announcement a couple hours after the initial announcement that there were still 3 slots, and to think they were only giving away 5!!!) I have been searching #korn and @korn tags on Twitter every few hours EVERYDAY for the past month now and I read through everything so I know I could have been one of those lucky fucks! Damn! a meet and greet!!!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I have been incredibly negligent of this blog for a very long time, thanks to my failing machines. My computer recently crashed and up until now I am a [computer] vegabond of sorts.. a nomad, a squatter.

I had a very profound lightbulb moment yesterday when I was talking to a heartbroken friend, so I figured that such a genius realization deserves a more proper publication than just a Facebook status update or a Tweet.

This friend, a young lady, has had the misfortune of experiencing her first serious heartbreak.

Whether their relationship was based on strong infatuation, puppy love, romantic or sexual attachment, dependency or merely a hormonal influx is not the topic of this blog post. I will not attempt to define love, the greatest of feelings... I mean, who can? what we call "true love" is very subjective. How we act on it is also very, very subjective.

Honestly, I say it really doesn't matter how any of us define it. When you feel you're inlove, you are inlove. Nobody can tell you you are too young or too old to be really inlove, nobody can tell you that true love isn't this or that, etc.

Does it even matter whether the person you are crying over is a complete loser or jerk/bitch?  Even if people tell you or even if you yourself know that he/she doesn't deserve your tears, a heartbreak is a heartbreak..

When your heartbreaks, love spills from the cracks and the pain can often feel unbearable.

Those of us who have experienced a serious break-up or break-ups are only too familiar with this feeling. I am saying serious because there are those silly break-ups with guys/girls we barely even know (or like, in some cases), so those don't count. I am referring to break-ups between people who are (or were) inlove with each other.

I myself have experienced about 6 heart wrenching break-ups in my 23 years, my first at the age of 16. Call me silly or whatever but with each of those guys, at some point in the relationship I honestly thought "This is it. He is the one". Some hurt more than others but each and every heartbreak felt like the end of world at some point, whether it be a few moments or a couple of months.

Of course, when we recover and move on, we realize that it was not the end of the world. When we have moved on, we realize that, contrary to what we thought, the pain isn't forever. This doesn't mean that that person was a mistake or we were just being silly or foolish. Love is real when you say it is real, even if it doesn't work out.

Some learn to hold back emotions to protect themselves from getting too attached. Some have the ability to slap themselves out of that "love misery" heartbreak brings. But, if you are like me who love with reckless abandon, when you experience yet another heartbreak, you are again gripped by that feeling that your whole world has come crashing down on you. You feel hurt, sad, lonely, desperate, betrayed, angry, pathetic, and a whole range of other emotions that it gets so overwhelming you can no longer think.

In many cases the battle between reason and emotion is causing such an internal struggle that the pain becomes physically palpable. At times, the "pain" feels like an ache, a hollow ache you can't quite point to, whether it is in your stomach or chest. Imagine that feeling you get when you miss a step going downstairs and prolong that, I reckon that's how the ache feels. The kind and and degree of pain may also vary but I am mostly referring to what I have experienced first hand.

How the pain is dealt with also varies for every person. Some regress into their shell and become an emotional wreck. Some choose to distract or numb themselves from the pain with whatever distraction they feel is more appropriate or effective.

So I guess what I'm saying is that it is wrong to tell a heartbroken person that he/she is being foolish or melodramatic. I am not saying that a heartbroken person has an excuse or justification to act like a train wreck, but I reckon we should allow that person a certain degree of understanding and some empathy.

A heartbroken person will need sound advice and guidance, especially if he/she is crying/pining over a worthless jerk/bitch. It will help him/her see sense and hopefully move on but it won't make the pain any less real.

There are bigger problems in the world, no doubt, but matters of the heart can oftentimes feel the worst.
 Unlike other situations wherein you know that you are not fully in control, heartbreaks often involve a lot of self-incrimination. It is the most emotionally tolling because your greatest nemesis is yourself.