Thursday, May 31, 2012

Boracay - a bittersweet affair with the island of my youth

My cousins from New York came home and some of them havent been to Boracay yet. Here are some of our pictures. We didnt take a lot of photos since we were too busy having a blast.

with my favorite niece Sophia

Roro my cousin's hubby

wicked flying fish ride --always a favorite

a night out in d'mall

cousin Champ and tita Manay in the background

Funnyily enough, This is kind of my first decent photo on Willy's rock

The handsome Morgan

And the super adorable Wyee
Aunts and cousins. Diday is never in the picture. T_T

I have a bittersweet relationship with this island. I have fallen inlove and broken my heart here. Made friends and lost friends. I have laughed, cried, gone crazy, had accidents and all sorts of things in this island. I have spent many holidays here including birthdays and christmases and new years.

It saddens me that it's now super commercialized and it seems like the government does not care at all about the health of the island. But no matter how much the island changes --it will still feel like home. sort of. 

It always makes me happy to reunite with friends here and just have a blast --like I'm once again young and carefree. I was not able to go diving as I was busy entertaining and playing tour guide for the expats but I had an awesome time.

Will see you again soon!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Corona Hullaballoo

So this is not a post about my opinion of whether or not Corona should have been acquitted or if he rightfully deserved the guilty verdict. In fact I have no opinion-opinion regarding that matter. In all honesty, I did not religiously watch the impeachment proceedings and even if I did, I doubt my opinion would mean much, seeing as I don't really know the law and the rules of impeachment.. the criteria per se. Simply because, I'm not a lawyer.

However... I guess many would say that by writing this entry, I do have a bit of an opinion.. well.. yeah you know... urgh.. Fine. Honestly? Yeah, I do have a bit of a say. He's guilty. 

But wait, wait, wait! 

Aren't they all? The lot of them are guilty of corruption one way or another, right? But based on the rules of law, was he impeach-able? (fuck i don't care if there is no such word) A big fat I-DON'T-KNOW.

You see the point of this entry is not to analyze the Corona Business whatsoever, it's simply about ignorant people in the senate and how the justice system in the Philippines have gone to the dogs. In her verdict, Miriam Defensor Santiago said this bit:
"Hindi ganun kadali magbasa ng constitution. Constitutional analysis is a field of art in itself. It is a technical field, kaya 4 na taon ang abogasiya. Eh kung maski sino lang pala pwede mag interpret ng constitution bakit pa tayo may mga abogado? edi kanya kanya na lang!"
(It's not that easy to read the constitution. Constitutional analysis is a field of art in itself. It is a technical field, that's why law needs 4 years of study. If anyone can just interpret the Constitution, certainly there would be no need for lawyers!)

100% true!!!!

I mean look at this idiot here...


'Di po ako pwedeng mag salita tungkol sa republic act, dahil di ako marunong dito. Ginagamit ko lang ay ang aking konsensya -Lito Lapid

(I could not speak about the republic act, because I am ignorant in this field. I'm just using my conscience.)


I think the best advice for Sen. Lapid:

"It's better to keep silent and be thought of a fool, than open your mouth and erase all doubt!!!!!"