Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tagaytay, Lipa Batangas to Laiya -- Weekend Roadtrip

Wow this post is as real time as any blog post could get. This was just last weekend, April 20-21. I know I promised a food post --with all the restos in and around Marikina that I visited recently, but some pictures are in Karl's phone --so I guess you'd have to wait for a year for those. T_T

So last weekend, we had an impromptu weekend getaway. Actually this was supposed to happen last March for my birthday, but my friend, who owns the house in Batangas, had an appendectomy ---booo to her KJ appendix! SMH

This weekend getaway was super duper fun but was riddled with so many roadside accidents which I will get to later. Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures of those accidents since I was the one driving and the only one morbid enough to want to take pictures. The others were like, hurry up! because they couldn't stomach the sight.

So straight from workies, all of us work the night shift, we headed to our first destination --Tagaytay! 

grabbed from @princessakizam's instagram
getting ready for the kinda long drive. We meet again SLEX

We left Marikina at around 11:30am and arrived in Tagaytay around 2pm since we got stuck in heavy traffic around Alabang. There was an accident involving, of course, a rogue jeepney.

Upon arriving in Tagaytay, we went to Rowena's first. Karl and I wanted their buko tarts and cheesecake tarts but the queue was unbelievable. My friends were super hungry already and didn't have the patience to wait so we just took some photos. 

grabbed from @princessakizam's instagram again

 We had drinks and chicken wings at this bar and restaurant after lunch at Antonio's. I dont know the name of this bar but their wings are delish. No, we didnt have any alcohol --I dont drink and drive. #defensive

i was trying to do a hairflip shot but was failing spectacularly. Half the staff and construction crew were already watching me and I guess they were wondering what the eff I was doing haha

After lunch, we initially planned to go to picnic grove to play badminton but it started to rain. Plus, since it was already past 4, we decided it was best that we start driving to Lipa. None of us know the way to Lipa, Irish, who owned the house in Lipa, only knows the way if coming from SLEX. Also, Globe signal sucks when you're in South Luzon so not only was Google Maps useless to us but we also barely had any cell reception to call or text. Karl knew the way, it turns out, but he was knocked out cold --sleeping, at the back. GRRR!!!

We asked the guard which direction was Lipa and he pointed the way. So we were joking around in the car, and about 30 minutes later, we were still nowhere near Lipa or a sign that says Lipa.  We were laughing our asses off when we saw the sign that says "Nasugbu / Lemery" WTF!! We were told to take the road to Lemery. The road was starting to get more and more rustic until it was down to one lane only --moreover, we were at the friggin side of the mountain!! There was no way for me to turn back, the people by the roadside that we asked if we were going the right way to Lipa just kept saying "go straight go straight". And they were right since there was nowhere else to go but straight! WTF 

It was probably the scariest drive I had so far. Plus, every time I stopped to ask directions, stupid asshole drivers behind would start beeping their horns like crazy! can't you guys friggin wait! I know Im causing a bit of traffic here but have some consideration please! Jeez! There were no detours or any way for me to turn around so at that point we just decided to fuck it and drive. We had no choice anyway, and the people did say that we just needed to go straight.

We met a couple of scary moments on that drive, including an impatient delivery van who beeped me like crazy because he wanted to overtake me since I was just driving at 60 kph, like, hello! I was scared to go any faster since we were at the fucking side of the mountain! Of course he wasn't able to overtake me as there was only one lane. harharhar too bad Mr Asshole Driver!

But we weren't, like, full on crying nervous, we were actually still laughing our assses off and joking around how scary it was. When we got to the highway, the van finally overtook me and stopped on a roadside restaurant. We stopped next to it and I honked my horn like crazy and Irish rolled down her windows and gave him the finger. OMFG such a badass!! haha it was hilarious! The driver actually got down and I dont know what the eff he was planning to do but whatever it was he could just keep planning 'coz we sped away laughing like crazy.

However, we quieted down when right there on the road, where there was absolutely no cell reception, we saw a dead dog in the middle of the road. Accident number 1. Nobody even moved the poor fellow --I know it well get run over several times and get mushed like a pulp. :(
It was almost twilight and we were all tired.

Here's a map of Batangas.

Tagaytay is point A and point B is Lipa City. The red line is the correct route, the blue line is the route we took. I'm an idiot I know --but I just think of it as a charge to experience. At least next time i know what to do --buy a map first and don't rely on people on the roadside to give the right direction!

We finally arrived at SM Lipa before 7pm --and let me say this about SM Lipa: "Parking sucks!" there was absolutely no order and people were just parking anywhere, as in anywhere there was space. There was no pay parking and I think everybody in Lipa was in SM that day.

We needed to buy food and some stuff for the house, and since it was too late to go to the market, which was what we initially planned, we had no choice but to go to the mall.

The road to Dimpol's place was really, really nice except for the fact that there were no streetlights or any sign of life --just tall cogon grass and canopy of trees. It was a "Calvento Files" setting, the opening shot of a horror movie. We were back to our hyper selves and I kept turning off the headlights to freak us out but finally stopped doing it and asked for them to play some loud music because I was freaking myself out hahaha scaredy cat.

Upon arriving at Dimpol's place, we prepared our dinner of fried galunggong (round scad), fried eggplant, steamed okra and kangkong (water spinach), salted egg with lots of tomatoes and Barrio Fiesta Bagoong (shrimp paste). yummy! 

from @princessakizam's instagram

After dinner, Joven and I were still kinda hyper (for some reason!) so we decided to chill out and have a few drinks while the two, Dimpols and Karl got ready for bed. The place was really very beautiful, the subdivision only had 5 houses, and I think only 2 others were occupied. It was cold too and despite the abundance of foliage all around there were surprisingly no mosquitoes! 

We drove to the nearest sari-sari store, and Joven bought his ciggies. The only cigs available were Marvel brand ciggies which were only php25. 

It's sort of an inside joke for me and my cousin because we both love American Beauty and there was this line where Caroline (Annette Bening) stressed the word "Marvel" . LOL Sorry, I guess it's only funny for us. 

They weren't bad for php25. I don't really smoke anymore but I tasted it and it was okay.. not like Mighty Cigarettes which taste like burned legal pad with bits of dried grass.

We got to bed at around 2am but Joven and I were already up and ready to hit the beach by 5am. 
I went for a quick run around the subdivision while the 3 went to buy some Lomi for breakfast --Lomi is a Batangas Specialty.

In front of Balur de Dimpolita Ayala de Zobel Viuda de Cojuangco. grabbed from @princessakizam's instagram

grabbed again from @princessakizam's instagram
We had adobo and lomi bought from the nearest carinderia, some sausages, scrambled eggs and fried rice. 

After breakfast we got ready to go to the beach. See how we were walking around in our swimsuits inside the village? There was absolutely no one there! We felt like we owned the whole place.

Smelling my armpits. HMMM!!! goood! LOL I always end up looking like an idiot when I try to be sexy.

On the drive to Laiya, we passed by 1 major accident --which was the worst of all. A dead guy lying by the side of the road. He had, i think, a gunshot wound on his head and blood was gushing from his ear, he didn't have a helmet on. He was on a motorbike but I don't think it was a driving accident as it looks like the bike simply fell sideways and he was still on it --if he crashed or tripped, his body would have flown off the bike, right? Karl didn't want me to take a picture as I think he deemed it disrespectful. i guess he is right --i'm an insensitive freak. I didn't even feel bad --I was excited at first then was annoyed that we didn't get to take a picture. But after passing the body, I felt bad because I didn't feel bad. :/

When we got to Laiya we were trying to look for a cheap but not so jejejemon resort since we were all broke. Irish's girlfriend suggested we go to One Laiya as her research said entrance was only php100. However, when we got there it was jampacked, blockbuster, patok sa takilya crowded. Luckily, there was a resort just a few meters ahead. And it was empty. WOW.

We assumed it was expensive here, because, why the heck would the other people crowd in nearby One Laiya, right? But noooo! It was also php100 only each!

 The owner was also really very hospitable and accommodating (redundant?) and the all-around Ate Nelda was very helpful too. She helped us start the grill and sliced our watermelon and all. 
Before leaving, while we payed for our $4,000,000 bill (hahaha!) the owner told us why his resort didnt have much guests.

He said he didnt accept guests who were in jeepneys or buses, and i will quote him,

"ayoko kasi ng mga naka jeep o yung bus. Kadalasan ang iingay ng mga yun. Ayoko ng maingay-- hindi mag eenjoy ang ibang guests pag mga nagtatakbuhan at nagiinuman na maingay. Kaya tignan mo walang mga squatters dito. Kanina may dumating dalawang jeep, punong puno, tinanggihan ko, sabi ko, no reservation no entry. Kaya nandun silang lahat sa One Laiya. pansinin nyo madumi ang buhangin dun at ang tubig --at magulo! Pero, kaya naman kaya ko mamili mag customer kasi akin to ang lupa matagal na"

Translation: "I don't like guests in jeepneys or buses. Usually, they're noisy and unruly. I don't like boisterous people --the other guests won't enjoy their stay if there are other people running around, drinking boisterously and being rowdy. Look around and you won't see any squatters (A filipino colloquial term for uneducated, tacky and mostly people from the lower class) Earlier, there were 2 jeeps full of people, I told them that I can't accept them because they didn't have a reservation. So they ended up in One Laiya! If you notice the sand and the waters there are dirty, not too mention the place itself is very rowdy! But the reason why I can afford to pick my guests is because I have owned this land for a long time"

Wow. Elitista! hahaha! Call him mean if you must, but I have to say I agree with him. 

I'm glad he chooses his guests or else we wouldn't have enjoyed that slice of paradise in Batangas!

The name of the place is Dona Nena Beach Resort

 The place was a total jackpot. Other than ourselves, there was a group of friends set up a couple of meters away. They had a tent and was playing music but they were that far away that we couldn't hear what they were playing.

The beach wasn't world class white sand blue waters, but who cares? We spent about $2 for entrance fee, no one is complaining. Also, it was deserted and almost virgin. The only downside was it was super shallow.

Joven and I were extremely proud that we got the grill going all by ourselves... well actually... Ate Nelda helped us. shhh..... 

Karl and Dimpol's left to buy some ice and Joven and I did some "puta shots" while they were away. We were trying to do a Nicki Minaj Starships inspired shoot but I couldn't keep a straight face --especially on the booty tush, down on all fours part. The pictures were so obscene and offensive I ended up deleting almost everything save for 2 shots.

This was one of them. hahaha!

I had a couple shots on this tree but no way will I post them hahaha sooooooo gross!!!

 i marinated these the day before! light soy sauce, garlic and ginger. yummy!

totally deserted, see? not another soul in sight.

Lunch was delicious. i can't even. T_T

Chilling after lunch. Karl was actually in this picture but Joven said, and I quote, "bex! ang ganda mo dito! crop mo na lang si Karl" (bex, you look pretty here, just crop Karl out of the picture" end quote.

Karl had his shirt up and his fat pastry nipples ala Finn Hudson were showing, so yeah, I had to crop him. hahaha

After a short rest, Joven and I decided to go to the next resort to check if their beach goes any deeper. turns out it's really just very shallow. 

We did, however, see this small outrigger boat which we rented for php100. The older guys wanted to rent it out to us for php500 and I was like, hell no! So after some haggling, they agreed to rent it out for php100 for 30 minutes.

these kids had to fetch us in the middle of the sea as we could no longer get back haha such losers (us). We gave the kids an armful of snacks and drinks.

We left Laiya at around 4pm. We were all really tired. We met 2 more accidents on the way -- a dead cat and a car that was in a crash, it was a total wreck as in the whole front was was smashed like a hillbilly uncle in a wedding.

I was already very tired when we got to SLEX. I was driving like Miss Daisy by that time since I got scared with all the accidents we passed by on the way, I was thinking, "we could be next!" We arrived at home at around 9pm.

So that's it for our weekend adventure! See you next post! We will be celebrating Karlie's birthday in Zambales! I'm so excited, I've had this trip planned and the rooms reserved since January! Yippeeee!!

UPDATE (April 25, 2013)

The dead person that we saw on the way to Laiya was indeed shot. I was right in assuming that he was shot and it had something to do with elections.