Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines Day

In line with this month's theme, I'm going to write an update on how the great love and I are doing. It's been almost 4 months since I wrote about our love story, and almost 6 months from when it all started (when we met again after 4 years, that is). Want to know how we're doing?

"I love him more today than yesterday." ❤

Everything, to put it simply, is perfect. This is not an overstatement. Of course we are not immune from the usual petty arguments stemming from jealousies, insecurities, misunderstandings and all the other crazy human stuff that normal couples get upset about. I used the term perfect because every morning I wake up and feel so incredibly happy, and I go to bed every night feeling so incredibly thankful that Paulo and I are back together.

Everyday, I thank god for all his blessings and I cannot help but ask, "Why me?", but in a positive way, you know.

I mean, I know I'm not that good a person to begin with, but why do I have overflowing blessings? Getting back together with Paulo, a great job that I love, my family including my three boys are all in good health, my friends are doing well on their own, etc.

There are so many things that I am so ridiculously grateful for that when Paulo asked me what I wanted for Christmas last year, it was the first time that I ever really meant it 100% when I said


What do I want? As in material stuff? I could not think of anything. Well, now that I'm writing this, maybe the hardbound The Hobbit Book I saw in Fullybooked or maybe a new set of colored pencils, but I don't want them enough to ask for them or even want them enough to buy them for myself. I just thought of them now because I forced myself to think of stuff that I would like to get if a gun was pointed at my head and I was coerced to buy something.

But seriously, I have more than I need and could ever want. I haven't been very fond of material things.. sure I do like to dress up sometimes so it follows that I like clothes and shoes, I like owning actual copies of books and sometimes I do have negligible fits of GAS (gear acquisition syndrome). But lately, I seriously could not think of anything that I wanted. Every time I stop to reflect, I feel like my heart would burst from happiness. No exaggeration.

My real hobbies, of course, are travelling and eating out but I know travel is a bit out of the question now since I no longer have a maid whom I can entrust my dogs to and eating out we can do anytime anyway.

So when Paulo asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I simply said I wanted to spend it with him. I know it sounds super corny and I would never have thought that I could actually say something so cliche and mean it too.

I'm head over heels in love so give me a break guys. :))

For us, it's that level of in love that every time we read an article such as "10 signs your in the right relationship blah blah blah" or something similarly cheesy, we immediately agree with all the signs. We'd go "yeah, that's us!"

 Yeah we are super love drunk, I know, but the great part is we don't feel the need to apologize for our cheesiness even though we know how sickeningly sweet we can be, especially to love-phobes like my friend Alex (shout out to agbonski!).

Not only do we get along great but I really feel like we have matured and we are more open and honest about everything. Our lines of communication are far better now than it were 4 years ago. 

No more mind games for us. It may sound boring to those who like drama in their relationship but let me assure you that we have no need for forced drama because Paulo is not only super sweet and thoughtful, but he excites me so I do not feel the need to create drama to keep myself all giddy. I am guilty of being somewhat a relationship drama queen before. 

So happy Valentine's day to everyone. If you are in love, stay happy. if you're a sceptic or if you're heartbroken, please don't ruin it for everyone else, if you simply don't care, well then you won't mind all the hearts day drama anyway. Whatever your stand is on valentines day, let me greet you from the bottom of my chocolate covered with sprinkles on top marshmallow heart. 😍 

We won't be doing anything traditionally romantic tomorrow because its Chase's and Padfoot's birthday on the 16th and 15th respectively so we'll be prioritizing that. Instead we will be celebrating valentines next week at Manila Screampark. I hope it's not the snore fest that people say it is.

My life is not perfect, but I live everyday like it is. ❤❤❤

Happy valentines!!

Here are some photos of us over the months:
(instagram @jocylfroot)
caught making me breakfast --My sexy chef

when your best friends get along with your boyfriend like they themselves are bossom bodies, take that as a good sign :)

how I missed Lolo Daddy! 

even Garage Sales are made fun when he and I are together

I have more time for my babies and they are getting the attention and love they deserve because Paulo loves my dogs just as much

Mr Tumnas has always been Paulo's baby. Sometimes I hear Pau talking to Tumtum asking hin if he is the same puppy he left 4 years ago, 'coz he's gigantic now!

If Paulo have his mermaid tattoo of me, I have this turtle tattoo of him :)

Was not convinced that I had to sell my toys at the garage sale so Paulo gave them a home inside his bass drum

goofing around after setting up the band room

playing parents with his brother's daughter

I couldn't get him to have me draw on him Anthony Pettis brows so I drew Helga ones on mine instead

It's really cool that Paulo gets along so well with the people most dear to me