Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's been a year and 7 days! ❤️

Media depicts exciting/passionate love as one to have crazy fights and crazy make up sex / romantic moments all the time. But I think you can have the latter without suffering the former on a regular basis. I must admit that crazy fights can add spice to a relationship but it can be incredibly draining too. It's like, when you fight all the time, even if you do make up afterwards, all these little moments of stress add up and eventually you'll get emotionally and physically tired of it. At least, that's how I feel. That's how we were before.

I think the reason why Pau and I are doing much better now than we did when we were younger is because now we have learned to choose our battles. (Of course I'd also like to think that by now we have grown fully functioning brains aka we have matured).

This is not to say we don't have misunderstandings. We actually do, we also get annoyed at each other like every other day. But unlike before when we would fight or argue about it, no matter how petty, (such drama, gah!), we would simply take a deep breath, asses what really is bothering us (whether it's really the other person or maybe were just feeling especially cranky at the moment) and then we work from there or we get over it on our own. Whichever is applicable.

We do fight, we're not machines, and yes we do get a bit crazy about it sometimes, but like I said, we have learned to choose our battles (most of the time). I don't pretend to be a relationship expert, because each relationship is unique plus no one really knows what's going on in one except for the actual people involved, right? I'm just saying that I'm in a really good place with Pau right now simply because we now know what it feels like to lose the other, and this time around, we know that it has always been "us". It had to be "us". We want it to be "us". 


Happy anniversary to us! (September 22, 2014)